Goooood morning you gorgeous things!  It’s a bit of a late start here this morning. It’s show day here in Gympie and I slept in. I snuggle myself around my ridiculously gorgeous Hubby and enjoyed the slow start to the morning. I woke up with an idea of what I would wear today. I’d been looking at this dress for a while wishing it was still warm enough to wear it. Wishing it wasn’t too short for the office.

Then it hit me!

I’ll winter it up. Layer it over a shirt and some tights. Matching OF COURSE because that’s the way I roll. Add my boots and stripe blazer and I’m ready to take on the day. I felt good. It’s a cute outfit I think. So I made Hubby take some photos before he left this morning. I have my ways. Insert inappropriate eyebrow wiggle here. Meet my garage door everyone.

So here I am blogging my outfit before I leave the house because it just feels like this day could run away with me. Get busy having fun, eating Dagwood Dogs and living life. I don’t mind, that’s the point, right? I couldn’t wait to share, even if my eyes haven’t woken up and I needed sunglasses to head into the ridiculously sunny day.

I’m here now eating my oats and sipping my tea while I type. Life’s good.

Even if my toes ARE freezing through socks and Queensland is trying to freeze me to death.

Stop laughing. No. Stop! Come on. Haha.

plus size asos shift dress for winter plus size asos shift dress for winter-2 plus size asos shift dress for winter-3 plus size asos shift dress for winter-4 plus size asos shift dress for winter-5

Taking it Easy Top – Harlow Australia {gifted}
Dress – ASOS Curve
Tights – Autograph {2011 – gifted}
Boots – Autograph {2011’ish}


plus size asos shift dress for winter-6

Is it cold where you are?


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