Relationships are difficult sometimes. There is a push and a shove that comes from that necessary compromise type situation. In our house we talk over big purchases, we include the other in happening of the day, we don’t call the other at work unless it is absolutely necessary and we never, ever get a guinea pig or a cat. We have ground rules because that’s what works for us.

Until it doesn’t.

Until some boofy haired, pain in my ass, husband breaks them.

Until I find out he broke them on FACEBOOK.

Until I simmer and stew all day on it before losing my shit the minute he walks through the door. Almost.

You see, he broke the rules. He went out, after a conversation about a business purchase resulted in a get some quotes, look into it and we’ll decide in a month or two and then what did he do? Well he purchased it. Well outside the set budget. Without telling me. And then, I’m sitting on Facebook on night and this information POPS up in my news feed. Not. Happy. Jan.

Within 24 hours we had argued it out. Sorted out a solution we were both happy with. Him doing a formal retraction of this previous post outlining why he should never have purchased that darn thing before telling his wife, let alone posted about it just didn’t seem appropriate on his business Facebook page. And all is well in the Suger Household.

Then he says it’s necessary if I write this post that I tell you that I break the rule about calling at work pretty much every week and almost daily forget to have a conversation about what’s happening in my day. So that got me thinking…

Are some rules more breakable than other in relationships??


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