Today is our eighth wedding anniversary. This might be the first year {Hubby, but let’s call him by his name for this post} Kel reads this blog post without me sticking it under his nose. Kel’s really into Facebook these days. And his iGadgets. And this blog. It makes me burst with joy that he is proud of what I do here. He never stops talking to people about it. Sometimes I threaten to hand the business cards over to him. He’s a much better networker than I.

It’s because he’s likable, my Kel. So charming and adorable, the way he loves me is something to be witnessed. I love him for that. I know that probably sounds all about me, but it’s not. It’s a remarkable thing to know someone who loves so fully. He’s funny, too, in the strangest, weirdest way. Not many people get my Kel, but I do. And that’s what matters, right? Or at least it’s what matters to us.

I’m grateful for all the care he has always taken with me. With my sometimes broken pieces, he never let me believe for a moment that I didn’t deserve the best of what love has to offer. I’m grateful for the way he contributes to us, for always calling me beautiful, doing the dishes, the lawn and the washing because I hate them. There are days when I have to see him, and I smile. I’d never forgive anyone else the bad habits and icky things he does that I forgive him for. He’s worth it.

I’m proud of the man he has become. And not just because he gets better looking with age. Lucky duck. A colleague called him spunky without the swagger the other day, and I think that’s probably the most apt description of my handsome man there is. He came into his own running his own business. You should see him, it’s incredible. He works hard, loves his family, lifts heavy stuff, has gorgeous arms, cute freckles, and a joy about him that is infectious. He’s just incredible. I know you’d love him too if you met him.

So here’s to another 80 years, Kel. May we be that lucky. Here’s to all our wishes and dreams coming true.

I love you, babe.

Now let’s eat some BURGERS!!


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