7 years into our marriage and I still have to fight him off for a normal couple photo. Such is life. Not too shabby if I do say so myself. Like Steve Martin’s character says in Cheaper By the Dozen, we’ve still got the heat! HA. Awkward. Sorry to the family members playing along at home. We are as in step today as we have ever been. I’m proud of us for that. Go team!

Now this is not a great photo at all. An auto-timer one that was overexposed and all that jazz, but it just about sums us up. Together, you and I are a bit wonky and a bit too bright. We are full on and yet warm and inclusive. People gravitate to us. They want to be around us. Until we argue over you being a pain in the ass. Now, what was I going to say, oh yes, this…

To my husband Kel, after 7 years of marriage, I say you’re welcome.

Oh. And thank you. Of coooourse.

You are pretty darn awesome.

And everything I had never imagined a husband would be.

But somehow everything too.

I look forward to everything to come.

I’m grateful for everything that’s been.

Big love baby.



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