Spring has well and truly sprung in sunny Queensland. You know, where I live. People are already commenting about how we missed spring and moved into summer. The sun is full and strong, the heat radiates from the dry ground and we all smile a little because for the past few years it’s been raining and we almost forgot what hot and dry feels like. That said, it’s time. Spring fashion trend time, let’s talk about that shall we?

I’ve spoken about the need to be realistic when adding trends to your wardrobe year after year, season after season. Luckily this season are a number of looks, trends if you will, that you probably already have stashed in the back of your closet somewhere. Some years the trends are a little easier to replicate than others and this year is one of them. Let’s get started so you can get in that closet of yours and start digging!

Black & White.

Black and white are everyone this season. My sister is having a pink fit because she loves COLOUR and lots of it. But runways and stores are jam-packed full of black and white, monochrome styling. Add a geometric pattern or a print and you’re set. So dig out all those classic white t-shirts and well cut black pants and you’re set. If my chance you have a printed dress, pair of pants or blouse then you’re way ahead of the game. Lucky you.

Shown here by Green & Gorgeous.

BOLD Stripes

Bold stripes

Well we ALL know I’m a fan of stripes. The more the merrier, the more horizontal the better. And this spring you can expect to see them out in force and boldly announcing themselves with bright colours. Keep them fresh when paired with chambray or classic white but make sure you take at a look at what you have with a stripe on it. Classic black, white and navy is fine. But yellow, cobalt, sea-foam and fuchsia are where it’s at!

Shown here by Jerilinn’s Blog.



Metallics are one of those go-to styles. Add a pop of gold for a night out, shiny silver bling for a cool evening shaking your bum on the dance floor. Whatever it is most of us have a necklace, pair of shoes or a bag with some metallic hue. So dig them out, pair them with a monochrome outfit and you’re super styled. If you find amongst your treasures any gold, rose gold or silver toned items of clothing you’ve hit the jackpot. Set them aside immediately.

Shown off here by Wait Until The Sunset.

Bermuda shorts

Bermuda shorts are one of those cuts that are just amazing on almost any leg. Cut to the knee with the ability to be cuffed you can be as bold as you like. I know for me I had a couple of pairs of this length in my closet because it’s such a go to style for plus size retailers. Make sure the pair you have are slim fit, comfortable to wear and then go about wearing them morning, noon and even night by adding some heels and those metallic accessories you found.

Shown off her by Stylish Curves.

Statement Sunglasses

Statement sunglasses

Recently we had a garage sale and my sister managed to located dozens, literally dozens plural of sunglasses that we was selling out of her collection. Adding sunglasses can be an easy way to update your look. Take a look at the items you have and you may just be surprised to find a pair or two there that will make your spring looks pop. Look for light coloured frames, circular is even better, the classic aviator or ones with tinted glass and anything that could be considered John Lennon’Esque and you’re set.

Shown here by Musings of a Curvy Lady.

There you go! I hope you enjoy heading into spring knowing there is one less thing to shop for on your list. Haha. Unless that spoils all your fun, then you know, maybe take a little look. I know for me I’ll be adding a pair of Bermuda shorts to my wardrobe and that’s about it. I’m all over the patterned pants and monochrome trends. Add to your wardrobe slowly, take the time to investigate trends you like and always, always check that wardrobe/closet of yours before heading to the shops.

p.s. Have a great weekend folks, I’m off to the beach {it IS spring after all}. If you have any issues with the site between now and Monday don’t panic, it is probably in relation to the changeover of hosting account and the fact this blog is as large as it’s owner. And twice as difficult. See you on the flip side. 

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