I’ve been blessed in my years on this planet to have had the opportunity to go places. I was 11 when I went on exchange to Japan for the first time. 16 when my family took a 5 week vacation on the west coast of America, 20 with a new fiancée when my family, Hubby to be and I went back to Japan and on to the east coast of America and Canada and 22 when I went to South Africa just two weeks after my wedding. With a girlfriend on an ambassador mission for my town. And then, there are the Australian destinations.

I’ve been blessed to have been gifted this opportunity by my parents, mostly. Even the trips I’ve taken alone were funded by following the investment advice they gave me. I’ve got to share most of my travels with my family. We like to drive so we did. Seeing parts of the country most tourists don’t see. Meeting people and having a chat about life and places we’ve seen. Nothing bonds us more than our travels stories do after a family dinner. We often come back to the shared adventures and good times had. We look forward to future adventures. Mostly together.

As you know, Hubby and I have plans of our own. So I hope to continue to visit places nationally and internationally. I can’t wait to drink in as much of this world as I can. Meet as many people. Smile into the eyes of as many people as I possibly can. And until that happens, I have the memories of past adventures to keep me warm. Let me share some of them with you.

Where have you been? Or where do you hope to go?

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