I’m mildly excitable when it comes to hatching a plan. I get wind of an idea and I’ve dragged out the notebook and I’m madly scribbling away. I make lists, I scheme up ideas and plan plan plan. The start of November is like go time for 2014 planning to begin for me in earnest. The long-term plans are in place and ticking away but the short-term plans time is now!

So I buy a diary.

I sharpen those pencils.

I drag out the markers and the butcher paper.

Wash off the blackboard.

Finish my bloody tax return. Late again. Man I hate that about myself.

 And I get ready. 

There are a few key areas I want to make plan around. My home and work we want to do to really personalise it, make it ours, our Vegas 2015 vow renewal and this blog with all its potential and living my dream goodness becoming a full-time thing. These are all things I want to achieve in the next 12-24 months. They are well and truly on the list.

So I scribble ideas. I plot and plan. I discount very few of my wild, half-assed, half-baked and undercooked ideas. They’ll have their day in the sun. I could go on scratching my handwriting across the pages for hours. I’m inspired. Motivated. There’s so much I want to achieve that it floods out of me in an incoherent stream of chicken scrawl. My handwriting really is terrible. I blame the nineties.

You know how you just get excited about what’s to come. About life. About what’s possible for you. Well that’s me today. I’m that person. So excuse me while I check my post box one more time to see if my diary has arrived. Pardon me while I buy MORE Sharpie markers. I’m going somewhere. Somewhere exciting. And before I go, I’ve got to make a chart!

And p.s. will you come with me? It sounds like fun, right?

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