A few of the Aussie Curves ladies decided to get together and decided to share 10 random things about themselves. GREAT! Awesome. I planned to join in straight away. But it turns out that NEW random facts about yourself on a blog like mine is tricky. So I opened a post and added bit by bit. Finally I have TEN. Yes. Win. Here they are, 10 random facts about me. Be ready!


I love wonton soup. To me there’s nothing like it. It’s simple, it’s tasty and nothing beats those little parcels of awesome floating around. Sick or well, happy or sad, THAT is my go to meal. Forget anything fancy, wonton soup is where it’s at.


Sometimes at night, when I am filled with anxiety and dark thoughts I reach over and place the palm of my hand flat on my husband’s sleeping chest. I feel the rise and fall of his chest. I hold tight to beat of his heart and remind myself that he is real. Love is real. And darkness passes. Then I sleep.


I grew up on a 400+ acre pineapple farm in the Mary Valley. I wore football shorts and sneakers way more often than dresses. I rode go karts, push bikes, four wheelers and dirt bikes. I lost more skin to gravel than would ever be considered ladylike. I was born to have the wind in my unruly hair.


 I love to shop but I hate hanging around the shops. I love buying clothes but I hate going to try them on or even look if I don’t have the cash to buy them. A window shopper I am not. If I’m shopping, I’m shopping, if I’m not I’d much rather be sipping coffee and eating in some fab cafe.


My husband is born the same day as my mother. Sure that’s not about me but what IS about me is that I am surrounded by Sagittarians  They are literally coming out my ears. Okay, not literally. But they are thick on the ground. Do you ever find that? Maybe it has something about being an Aries… I don’t know.


I don’t really have a favourite colour. I thought I did, I thought it was blue. But then there is yellow and orange, I just can’t go past them. I quite like purple and pink as well. Silver’s nice. Black too, if it counts as a colour. The only colour I don’t really like is green and even that somedays I could swear it was my favourite.


My hair has been almost every shade under the sun. The natural shades mostly, but some pink and blue thrown in there for good measure. The crazy part is that when I was a kid I was madly proud of my natural hair colour. Even now I have no idea how that happened, why I gave it up. I wonder sometimes.


I hate white bread. I blame my father and his addiction to grain and wholemeal breads. I eat it sometimes, it has to be something like a crusty sour dough or something, but mostly I’m like, ick, what IS this crap. Weird but true. Give me bread with lumps and chunks in it any day. Except if those lumps are flour… Ick.


My family eat lemons like most people eat oranges. It starts young and usually with the little wedges in a glass of water. Yum yum. When I make smoothies jam packed with lemons Hubby screws up his face and complains it’s too much while I slurp away like the happiest person in the world. My siblings are the same. We’re all weirdos.


I love movies. Old or new. Black and white or colour. Good or bad. I just love them. Sometimes I wonder what it might be like to work in movies. The creativity and wonder of it all. Then I realised that for me it’s the stories, the characters, the moment in that dark cinema where a movie could be anything. For me movies are all that and more. Not a day job.

And that my friends is 10 random facts about me!

Tell me something about you I don’t know. Would you please?

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