Good news ladies and gents, this weekend in Gympie, the sun came out and morning’s were crisp. Chilly even! It’s a sign of the glorious weather we have ahead. My Dad, the old farmer that he is, always says that after a wet Autumn you expect a sunny, dry Winter. A bit like the pink night sky predictions a farmer and his weather aren’t to be messed with.

I’m a wee bit excited. Maybe a little too excited. Even though the mornings were 5 and 6 degrees, the days have been heating up to 30+. That saw me ditching the cardie and stripping off the leggings and boots mid way through the day for something a little less cosy. This dress {because even on me it’s long enough to be called that} was a gift from the ladies at Virtu from their new catalogue. The purple is SO very autumn/winter, don’t you think?

So in the shade of a giant tree, in the yard of a school I probably shouldn’t have been on the ground of, Hubby and I grabbed these photos. There’s just something magical about the afternoon light at the moment. Photographers go on and on about it. I can see why. Golden light is flattering and warm and all kinds of perfect.

Anyone want to follow me around and light me with golden light? Anybody?

virtu tunic dress autumn 2013-7

virtu tunic dress autumn 2013-3

virtu tunic dress autumn 2013-6

virtu tunic dress autumn 2013-2

virtu tunic dress autumn 2013-5


Waterfall Cardigan – Autograph Fashion
Flipside Dress – Virtu {gifted}
Leggings – Avella for BigW
Booties – Autograph Fashion {2012}


virtu tunic dress autumn 2013

Are you gearing up for Winter?


  • Amy Wells

    I’m OK with autumn, but I’m not a huge fan of winter at all. I do like tights and boots but I can never find any budget appropriate winter dresses that I like and even with layering I find I’m too cold in a summer dress!

    • Autumn here is just GORGEOUS. Such beautiful weather. I know what you mean about Winter and the summer dresses. Mostly I layer singlets etc under the dress to warm me up. But this is Queensland, it’s never cold for long.

  • Cute!

  • Sophie

    Love it!

  • Look at how super adorbs you are with that hair!
    Gorgeous. And you look really happy in these photos too xxx

  • I am absolutely crushing on Autumn at the moment (in the absolute best way)! Here in Melbourne even we get these super chilly nights, but so many days when it’s sunny but still a little crisp. I don’t know what it is, but it’s my favourite time of the year, and I get a little over-excited about the change.
    On a separate note, LOVE the dress! I have a couple of Virtu winter dresses from last year that are fantastic for the office, but after seeing yours am wanting something new! I’m just an all-round gush-a-lot today 🙂 x

    • Me too, it’s all kinds of wonderful. Such a gorgeous time of the year. No matter where you are. In Melbourne I bet there’s a hell of a show at the moment. Changing leaves and all that. Enjoy it! Thank you. It’s a really lovely. Lighter weight than the winter releases {I have one too} but still still cozy. I like gushy, excited people make me happy.

  • Gi Csome

    I´m in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and although we´re also in Autumn, we´re getting a few summer-like days that I´m loving. I hate cold and rain, so Autumn and Winter are not my best seasons. I never know what to wear to feel cozy and cute, and ended up looking like a snowman in layers and layers of clothing. Still, I do love wearing purple, specially combined with green, and it´s a great color combination for this time of year.

    • Gah, rain! I hear you. It’s been the wettest couple of years ever here and it’s driving me nuts. Loving long sunny autumn days and chilly nights. Purple is such a perfect colour for this time of year. It seems cosy but festive.

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