Autograph dress, Big W bow suede heels

Those that follow along with me on Instagram will have some idea of what my work wardrobe consists of. A lot of black and white and a whole bunch of gray. Now I’m pretty restricted, I am working in a real estate environment for a franchise with plenty of branded work wear they would love, love me to wear. Given that I’m here 20 hours a week {usually 4 hours most days} if I’m wearing corporate’ish attire that will suffice.

So for that, I go to my wardrobe. Stylish and modest black dresses, usually with a cardigan thrown over top {my cubical is sub zero being right under the air con vent} and more often than not comfortable black flats. Because in real estate, you do an awful lot of running around. And not always on pavement either. In paddocks, through mud, over fences and under back decks.

I also find that spending the $50 per shirt for branded attire is a pain in my shopping budget. At Coles, with the Mix Apparel range, I can get three tops and 3 cardigans for that! So while I HAVE a corporate shirt and a polo or two I save them for occasions that I have to look like one of the lemmings, err, team. I buy from Moda for TargetAvella and Emerson for Big W, Mix Apparel for Coles and my wardrobe regulars {and must haves} Autograph and Virtu. I keep the pieces basic and classic. I buy what I can afford and will buy off-season if I have too {hello 3 cardigans from Mix for $24, yesterday!}. With these basics I set to work mixing them up, so the same dress will look different every day of the week, if I have too. And that, looks a little something like THIS…

Virtu Alessandra Dress, Big W emerson heels


mix Apparel cardigan, Basque Women top, Moda for target skirt & Big W flats


Forever 21 blazer, grey t-shirt Avella for Big W, Autograph skirt, Emerson flats Big W


Autograph tunic {worn as top}, Moda for Target skirt, Big W flats


Virtu Benita Maxi, Autograph waterfall cardie, $9 Payless tan flats


Autograoph grey cardie, black tunic from City Chic, Autograph jodpher leggings and Big W flats


Target dress, Mix Apparel cardie, BigW flats

So there you go! And this post has planted a little seed for me. So watch this space for a wardrobe essentials post series {once I publish the last Sugers Summer post – YES, there’s one more to go}. Wardrobe essentials will cover the wardrobe staples you need to build your wardrobe. Well, the ones I used to get started and we’ll go from there. So watch this space. Suger will hook you up. Haha.

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  • Seasidechick

    We don’t have Mix Apparel here yet, but I wish they would hurry up! Oh, who am I kidding! Our Coles doesn’t even have the “Baked on Site” bakery goods! Sucky, hu?
    I am often in Autograph scouring through the clearance racks for the $10 tops and $20 jeans at the end of the season. On a single income wage while I study, I pout at all the pretty, $100+ dresses as I walk past.. Our target has a whole 2 rows of plus size clothing, no plus size lingerie section and are currently organising space to move everything from a size 12 up into the plus size section, so I boycott them where possible. Kmart and Autograph sales are my friends! (No BigW here)

    Those outfits look great!

    • Naaaw, I’m sad for you. But be happy too. My grocery bill is WAY more expensive now. Can’t imagine why!? Haha. When they bring out a plus range I’ll be REALLY happy. It’s a bit trial and error now to see what styles etc fit and which ones don’t.

      Ah yes, our Target country has the occasional find. But hardly any of the Moda stuff that I adore for work. Only the collar shirt/collar combo tops that drive me batty with their floppiness.

      Thanks! Too bad the photos aren’t better, but they were taken quickly on my iPhone.

  • I like those looks, they’re all VERY nice. The shoes are all great too, the nicely fitting shoes, love the ones with the bows.
    We don’t have the Mix range here in our Coles yet either. 🙁

    • Thanks River! 🙂 Yeah, I’ve learnt over the years to go up to the 11 rather than squish into the 10.

  • I have to say – you’re looking ah-mazing!

    Love the wardrobe – especially the Virtu Benita Maxi and the Blazer (not together!!!)

    • Thanks Marnie. Feeling it too!

      And haha, I’ve worn them together! In the Suger’s Summer – Nautical post. It works actually. 😉

  • I love that blazer, and i think you look amazing in the grey maxi – the proportions are great on you!

    • Thanks Amy! I love this maxi. The sleeves make it do easy to wear. And the length & scoop neckline are so flattering. They had it in black, but it sold out before I could get one. 🙁

  • Hayley

    I love your corporate style!! There’s some really cute photo’s of you 🙂

    • Thanks Hayley. It’s kinda lazy corporate. Very me indeed. 😉

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