My ambition this summer was to find some simple, summer dresses that are throw on and go. I have a couple from last year at Target that are in constant rotation. I even wore one to Christmas dinner with the fam. Then I grabbed a $10 (?) cheapie from Kmart that is perfect for around the house. But the search continued.

Enter Forever 21+.

Sure the shipping prices are like bending over and taking a swift kick in the pants. But it’s worth it really. The actual cost per item is still pretty low and the quality seems reasonable so far. It’s something I took for granted, I guess. That I could walk out these days and pick up a cheap and cheerful summer dress. Apparently not. I’m glad to have a couple of options. ASOS, 17 Sundays BASIC, Forever 21+… Those sort of places. After all it makes quick and easy dinner’s quick and easy.

plus size forever 21 dress casual outfit-4 plus size forever 21 dress casual outfit-9 plus size forever 21 dress casual outfit-6 plus size forever 21 dress casual outfit-5 plus size forever 21 dress casual outfit-8 plus size forever 21 dress casual outfit-2

Geo Skater Dress – Forever 21+
Earrings – Diva
Shoes – Emerson for BigW

plus size forever 21 dress casual outfit-10

Where have you been shopping for casual summer dresses? Hook a Suger up. 

  • Deb

    Love the second photo, you Marilyn poser, you!

  • Trudie Bristow

    On I just love it. The pattern and colours are lovely they look smashingly awesome with your hair, the shoes dress it up a little but still gives that easy casual vibe. The cut flatters you and the length shows off your legs. I’m calling this perfect Suger Frock, I really love . Oh and I noticed the gold earrings, do you often wear earrings like that? Nice touch.

    • Thank you lovely. It was a bit of a search to find something that was cool, comfortable and easy to wear. It’s such a win. I don’t often wear earrings. My sister picked me up a few pairs and I’ve been throwing them on now and again. Makes for a nice change.

  • PrincessEatsPeaSoup

    I started out summer with the same fashion thought. I need more simple cool summer dresses. Did I read something here that triggered that? Don’t know. I sourced a couple of dresses at ASOS but I hate returning things via mail because the delayed gratification kills me. I would rather hang onto something that is not quite right for me than return it – I know, terrible. The thing that gets me about buying online is that you can’t feel the fabric. Fabric weight and texture can be make or break for me. I also picked up a a TS dress when they had 50% off dresses in the beginning of January (I think). I now need to pick up a few more sleeveless skater dresses (probably ASOS again, and I have my eye on one from City Chic) and I will be satisfied that I have a good enough summer dress selection to make me happy…for this season anyway. I have started using Pinterest to organise my wish list – I don’t know why I didn’t do that sooner.

    • Haha. Ahhh yes, the Pinterest wish list. Love. The best. It IS hard to find fabrics that you like and then something that will last and not be a total waste of time and money. Worth the hunt too when you find a winner.

  • I don’t wear dresses very often but thanks to the January sales I now have 3 casual dresses hanging in my wardrobe. Not that I’ve actually worn any of them yet, but still. They’re there! Your skater dress is gorgeous and I have major shoe envy (again!)

    • Thank you. i do love these shoes.

      Ooooo great score! You should get them out and enjoy them. Tis the season and all that. haha.

  • TheLifeSheMade

    This dress matches your hair! It looks great!

    By the way, you have killer pins. Flaunt it!

    • Thanks! Thank you. I’m finding my wardrobe has transitioned quite easily from blonde to copper. THAT’S a win. Thank goodness.

  • Meegan Harvey

    I love this dress on you! Great fit and colour 🙂

  • Michelle


  • Love how the shoes compliment the dress. LOVE.