Contains an item gifted for editorial consideration.

My weekends have been EPIC lately. I flit from one place to another with good friends, good food, always too much booze and all the fun things in life. It has also meant I’ve required SO many outfit. Lots and lots. I was fortunate to receive a huge bundle from the team at 17 Sundays with a selection from the RESORT, BASIC and Afterglow AW14 ranges. The dresses and items in this massive parcel of awesome have been a lifesaver.

And last Friday night I whipped out this beauty for a ladies night on the town. Given that we’d consumed far too much wine to grab any photos better than a blurry iPhone selfie I asked Hubby to help me recreate them. Then  got rained on. No really. We just got out of the car, wandered into this laneway and it rained. ON. ME. Gosh. Like my hair needed MORE of a reason to be a pain in the butt. Le sigh.

So we took them quickly and got the heck out dodge.

plus size 17 sundays resort dress-2 plus size 17 sundays resort dress-5 plus size 17 sundays resort dress-1

To recreate this outfit try;

  • A simple statement dress. The embellishment on the collar of this dress makes it a stand out all on its own. The cut allows it to be dressed up or down depending on the event.
  • An oversized clutch in a neutral shade can be such a fun accessory to dress up your look. Don’t overlook how much junk you can cram into that baby either. It might look skinny but there is LOADS of room to spare. Perfect ladies night.
  • I love the nude/black combo at the moment so I didn’t add any colour but it is absolutely an option. I just find the colour combo so fresh and now. It’s very transeasonal too. A win at this time of year.

Plain and simple the easiest way to recreate this look is by adding this dress to your wardrobe. Seriously. Highly recommended. The attention to detail is pretty darn amazing. And if you do, size down, the fit is generous {I’m wearing a 20 and could have worn the 18}. But I do love the drape and flow of it in this size.

plus size 17 sundays resort dress-4 plus size 17 sundays resort dress-3

Homecoming Cocktail Dress – 17 Sundays RESORT {gifted}
Shoes – Emerson for BigW
Clutch – ASOS via Curvy Cartel


plus size 17 sundays resort dress-7

When was your last ladies night? Are you a wine sort of girl? 


  • Di Hester

    LOVE this outfit. Looks perfect for your girls night out

    • Thank you Di. It really was. Comfortable to wear but it looks a million bucks. What a win.

  • Trudie Bristow

    Simply beautiful. I love the second last pic….woot woot.

  • I’ve always disliked dresses like this because the coloured parts of the neckline never sit under my bust, they sit on top of it (like the line where the colour and black start would be diagonally across my nipple!) but this looks perfect on you. Does this dress do that? Or is it working well for you? Or do you have no idea what I’m talking about? LOL 🙂

    • Agreed! OMG AGREED. In fact I almost didn’t get this one. BUT that said it cuts a great line practically under my bust and I have wiiiiiide shoulders and E cup boobs. There seems to be a lot of space and there’s something about the line of it that works. The v is really deep too. I love that.

  • TheLifeSheMade

    It looks really lovely on you. I actually have a similar 17 Sundays dress from last season, similar colours and cut and I absolutely love it. I’ve enjoyed seeing how great and different it looks on you.

    • Thank you! They do an amazing dress those talented ladies. It’s a bit cool, I love seeing them on different sizes and shapes too. My girlfriend was trying them all on while she was here and I was like, naaaw, I wish it fit ME like that. Fun.