I’m not even sure this t-shirt is supposed to be oversized. But it certainly has that feel to it. It slouches off my shoulder and is wide and comfortable in that oversized style. So let’s just say it’s so, right? A while ago the ladies at 17 Sundays told me that they had sourced a gorgeous material for their BASIC range. They sent some of the new items and they weren’t wrong. Soft and silky and lovely. If you’re a t-shirt fan {and let’s face it, who isn’t?} then check these babies out.

Even though the photos aren’t great and I was just heading to the shops to pick up some supplies after an afternoon of meetings, I decided to share them. Why? Because in my head I was making a list of all the ways a t-shirt like this can be added to a high rotation in your wardrobe. For work, rest and play. I made a list. 

plus size oversized t-shirt 17 sundays moto pants harlow-3 plus size oversized t-shirt 17 sundays moto pants harlow-6

Ways to wear an oversized t-shirt;

  • Over slim fit pants, belt it at the waist for more definition.
  • Over pencils skirts and tucked in for work.
  • With jeans and a blazer of coooourse.
  • A perfect match for shorts with wedges.
  • Over a slim fit maxi dress with boots and added layers for winter.
  • Tucked, knotted or half-tucked over pretty much anything.
  • Slouched off the shoulder.
  • Dropped at the back {pull the neckline high and let the back hem dip a little}.
  • Oh and especially for lounging and/or napping. Yum.

So get out there and give it a go. Let me know how you go.

plus size oversized t-shirt 17 sundays moto pants harlow-2 plus size oversized t-shirt 17 sundays moto pants harlow-5 plus size oversized t-shirt 17 sundays moto pants harlow-4

Oversized t-shirt – 17 Sundays BASIC {gifted}
Moto Pants – Harlow {back in stock soon!}
Wedges – Emerson for BigW


  • The half tuck, you forgot the half tuck. So chic.

  • PrincessEatsPeaSoup

    Very pretty colour. I hadn’t bought any t-shirts for years until last winter when I bought an oversized one with a deep v-neck. The thing that I loved the most was the fabric. I hadn’t realised that the world of T-shirts had changed and I am pretty happy with the new types of soft fabrics getting around. And I think the fabrics are heavy too, meaning the fabric falls on your body better. This is a huge factor for me.

    • Yes! This one is exactly like that. Falls beautifully and the fabric is magic. The old t-shirt certainly has had a make-over.