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It took me a little while to realise that I’m an apple shape. I’d always been more of a triangle growing up. Big shoulders, boobs, and no butt or hips to speak off. I take after my Father’s side of the family in that way. But realistically, these days, I’m an apple. And what that means is that I spend a lot of time in jeans that are either too tight at the waist or too big in the legs.

City Chic Denim had an answer to this with their Apple shape in their T.D.F. range of jeans. Amen. Great work team. And I’m sure you’ve seen the constant parade of joggers from the team at 17 Sundays. The slouch perfectly concealing the waist to leg ratio. Love, love, love. Then this season came the new denim. And of these magical, mystical beasts a new favourite emerged… The anti-fit jean. Claire was right, once I put them on, I was never taking them off.

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The anti-fit jean is the “Mom Jean” of your dreams. Haha. They are so comfortable I wore them 24 hours straight Kokoda Challenge weekend and only changed out of them because a shower was way past essential. Haha. Then I wear them with a t-shirt and slides and I’m even more casual. Or with heels and I’m set for a night out. Anti-fits are the new skinnies. You can trust me on that. Not that we don’t still love a good skinny. Get on board team.

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Wearing jacket via Curvy Cartel (on Instagram), necklace & long tee from Target (bring these babies back, I need LOTS more), anti-fit jean from 17 Sundays and wide fit booties by New Look via ASOSAnd a big thank you to Madame Rouge Makeup for the face when I ran entirely out of foundation. As you do.

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  • I was tidying up my wardrobe on the weekend and decided to pack away my jeans. They NEVER get worn. I had a look at your City Chic link. I love when they offer a short version. I feel like the tag on my jeans should read ‘sorry your round & short, but we made these especially for you’. LOL Would love a comfy pair of jeans. These look great on you. Love the necklace & jacket too.

    • Haha. That voice in your head needs some retraining. LOL. Thank you Jeanie, and it’s awesome to see you back on the blog. I’ve missed your smiley face. x

  • Bron

    I couldn’t agree with you more! Seriously the best pair of jeans I have bought. Took the advice of the girls and went with what I thought was a size too small, but they are almost to the point I feel like I am wearing leggings, amazing! And seriously how good do they make your legs look! The girls are killing me with all the 17 goodness at the moment

    • So good, right? It’s obvious to all and sundry I’m a raving fan girl for 17 but it’s nice to know it’s not just me. Haha. When I introduce new people to the brand I’m like, sorry about your bank account. It’s only fair to let them know what they are in for. 😉

  • Tracey B

    I love jeans – my everyday “uniform” is jeans, layered tees and ankle boots, ballet flats or converse. I love denim with little or no stretch but most plus size jeans are really stretchy and I hate the way the sit around my knees and belly. I have to learn that when I find a pair I love, to buy 2 or more pairs. Nothing more devastating than my fave jeans dying 😢
    I am 170cm tall and generally don’t have any problems with length, but have tried on some jeans in the past that were literally 6″ too long and the waist was up to my boobs – no living woman could possibly have been that size and shape!

    • Jeans are one of those weird clothes items that when they’re right, they’re right and when they are wrong they are horrible! Like oh, my god, this is the worst thing I’ve ever seen horrible. And as far as the stretch goes, these have a little but not enough to end up baggy. That’s why they recommend sizing down a size and squishing in and letting them give a bit. The best.

  • Tish andeson

    Totally love the jeans Sugar, u look gorge! Luv Tish (newbie to this blog biz so hopefully won’t floop up and hopefully, folks will be gentle wi me if I do lol)

    • Thank you Tish!

      And I’m sure you’ll do great, new the blog business is exciting. Let me know if you need any tech tips or whatever, my inbox is always open.