Food Glorious Food

In my walk down memory lane all of last week {it took me SO long to write that post} it occurred to me that at one point I almost talked myself into making this blog a food blog. I’ve had various thoughts and freak outs over blog niches. Let me tell YOU. But food blogging is easily the most difficult genre of all blogging, if you ask me. Sometimes love just ain’t enough. If you get where I’m coming from.

And here’s why;

  • You have to cook. All. The. Time. I love to cook as much as the next person. But say I HAVE to cook and I’ll skip it every time.
  • You can’t post a recipe until it is idiot proof. Anything less and when someone adds a dash of salt instead of a pinch, you’re in trouble!
  • It might be the best meal you’ve ever tasted but someone will always complain.
  • It takes preparation and precision to be a food blogger, neither of which I have.
  • Looking at yummy photos of food all the time makes me hungry. Like, really hungry.

In case you were wondering, now you know. You’re welcome. Have you ever considered changing your blog into something else? Or am I the only one who comes up with these batty plans?


  • Oh no, I hear you loud and clear, lovely Melissa… I’ve TOTALLY thought about becoming a food blogger before! (Purely due to my love of eating!) I’d never even considered the difficulties you’d face when creating recipes, though… thanks for the reality check!

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      I guess you could be the dining out type food blogger. That would be sort of easier. Less just you cooking posts… 😉

      And I’m soooo glad someone else GOT this. Haha.

  • I’d hate it if this turned into a foodie blog. I don’t follow a single foodie blog. I like that there are still nicheless bloggers out there like me. I like that I can find anything on here, I’m never sure what I’m gonna git (insert Forest Gump voice here).

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      Haha. No fear of that, NOW. But I was pretty tempted there for a while! 😉

  • Mine is changing as of next week….

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      Whaaaaaat! You need to email me some details. No more weight loss focus?

  • I’ve never considered being a food blogger. I do put up recipes, with photos, but I don’t CREATE these recipes, they’re old family favourites mostly, with a couple of things I’ve found on the web and made successfully thrown in.
    I can’t imagine the hassle of trying to CREATE recipes.

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      My thoughts exactly. I am WAY to, ummm, easily distracted to be good at that. This blog would have maybe 4 posts EVER. Haha.