I’ve been over 5’10” since I was 12. To say that I was a plus size teen is an understatement. I was tall, large and in varying stages of puppy fat between an Australian size 12 to 18 the entire time. I was thinking about that the other weekend when my nieces visited. Tall, slim girls they have the issue of length when it comes to buying clothes.

It made me think of the plus girls out there.

When I was a teenager there weren’t a lot of options shopping wise. I remember losing a bit of weight in my senior years and finding that I could fit back into the main stream stores who by this stage were regularly stocking a 14/16. What a relief! Bye bye peasant skirts and men’s board shorts.

Luckily teens these days (yay, I said that, I’ve become my mother) have lots more options. LOTS. And while I think you should get your staple items from the excellent Australian brands I listed in my post about minimalist plus size clothing, a teenage girl wants to be fashionable, to wear what her friends are wearing, to be cool. Aunty Suger has your back team, let’s shop.

Torrid - Where to buy plus size clothes for teens and juniors


With stores throughout the USA, this brand is established and can be counted on to deliver on trend basics for reasonable prices. The shopping to Australia can be a killer so subscribe to the newsletter for discounted shipping days or split an order with a friend. A shopping tip, I wear my standard Australian size in their denim and the majority of the range. Check out online reviews for more information. There are plenty!

Shop the range at Torrid online.

Forever 21 - Where to buy plus size clothes for teens and juniors

Forever 21

I love Forever 21+ for modern, on trend pieces. The pricing of the range puts it on par with the likes of Supre and such in Australia. Postage is reasonably fast and affordable. As a size 22/24 I find I’m at the very top of the size chart and would recommend this store for sizes 20 and below. Recently Australian stores have opened but the pricing isn’t on par with the online store and the range is better online. Shop by the look is another great online feature for those developing their own style.

Shop the Forever 21 Plus range here.

MYER Youth Plus - Where to buy plus size clothes for teens and juniors

Myer – Youth Plus

Stocking some great Australian brands, MYER allows for trying on of items in store or ordering online when convenient. From t-shirts and basics to Levi Plus denim, MYER stocks a range of items that will top up the trend items with much-needed basics and cool one-off pieces.

Shop the MYER Youth Plus range here.

Rebdolls - Where to buy plus size clothes for teens and juniors


This store isn’t going to be for everyone, parents may want to scope it out first for those under-age shoppers with slogan t-shirts that are awesome, if not a little swear-jary. Plenty of options including the crop styles that are currently so on trend. The bodycon (the figure hugging styles) aren’t an immediate choice for most shopping for the self-conscience teen, but they make great layering pieces and shouldn’t be overlooked. Affordable items that are fun and on trend. You’ll love Rebdolls for that.

Shop Rebdolls here.

Missguided - Where to buy plus size clothes for teens and juniors


My fashion forward friends in blog world turned me on to Misguided Plus and they were so right. By all accounts the sizing is generous, especially in the styles designed to be oversized. Check out the charts and online reviews because you may find that you need to size down here on some items and up on others. I like to compare this range to the festival chic styling of Sportsgirl with the added punk you just can’t buy here. Loads of cool items that will raise your fashion game no matter your size.

Shop the Misguided Plus range on their site here.

where to buy plus size fashion for teens and juniors - Suger Coat It

A little note about your plus size teen if you’re a parent, guardian or concerned adult type person. Leave them alone. That’s my hot tip. Live well, be an example and leave them alone. I don’t know if you’ve ever been the fat kid, but when you remind them they’re different, you aren’t telling them anything they didn’t know. I speak from experience. We KNOW we don’t fit in and sometimes that hurts. So be cool, love us and let your ideas about what we ‘should be’ go.

Happy shopping!

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  • Lara at This Charming Mum

    Brilliant advice at the end there – and very handy post in general. I have a tallish girl who is bigger than some (though by no means huge) and it can be really hard to find tshirts that are long enough and shorts that don’t ‘ride up’ etc. Will definitely be checking out these sites. Thanks!

    • You’re so welcome Lara. And it’s true right? I think some people find it hard not to let kids and teens just be. Good luck shopping team.

  • Mahina Hathaway

    I was a tall teenager, which was mortifyingly embarrassing for me at the time. I wasnt allowed to wear short skirts (Daddy said so!) and the only skirts that didnt look super short on me were dowdy mid calf length ones… A teenagers nightmare. Then by the time I grew into my height about 6th form, my ass expanded. Another reason to be embarrassed by my body. I couldnt find jeans that fit in the length, waist AND ass department simultaneously. And being older and more rebellious, I decided that short skirts were the go, to my fathers disdain.

    I am so glad there are more options out there these days for different body types, and for all different types of teenage bodies too. The fun of being a teenager is experimenting and learning about what fits you as the person you are becoming. I was definitely a ‘different’ teenager, in more ways than just my long legs and larger than average ass! And if it werent for my mother fighting for my right to experiment with my clothes, hair, music (she did give me a few solid boundaries!) I would still be trying to figure out who I am.

    • It’s such an awkward time, confidence or not, there’s bits growing and shifting, stretching and widening. I mean, the least you can do is be able to buy clothes that fit. And thank goodness for more options. WAY MORE. Thanks for sharing your story hun, your Mum was certainly on to something.

  • Chel Pablo


    So Torrid sizes are Aus sizes, not US?

    And re: leaving them alone – I couldn’t have said it any better. I was a plus-size teenager (160-190lbs, 5’6″, in the Philippines where everyone was 110lbs and 5’2″!) and mostly I just rebelled because everyone was telling me I was fat and I should lose weight.

    I wish I had an Aunty Suger back then!

    • My experience has been that I wear an AU 22/24 I wear the same size at Torrid. That includes shoes, AU11, Torrid 11. Some items have more give than others, like the jeggings style jeans, some I have in a 20 based on reviews. Read the reviews, check online for blogger reviews and then make your best guess, as usual, online shopping can be tricky.

      I hear you, I wish I could’ve been there, but there’s freedom in rebelling against these ideas from a young age, you break the chains and get to be yourself. That’s the upside to never fitting in, freedom from fitting in. 😉

      I wrote more about that here and on the linked guest post if you’re interested. http://sugercoatit.com/talking-about-appearance-diversity/

  • Grace

    Awesome post and very resourceful!
    So true about just leaving plus size teens alone. There’s enough going on in their highly emotionally volatile lives. The last thing they need is to have their bodies up for scrutiny.

    • Thank you Grace! I had hoped so. And I know I’m right, I was that teenager, that much focus on my body when it felt out of place for even me was never going to be a good thing.

  • Hey Shoog, how long, generally, do orders from Missguided take to get to you?

  • Morgan

    Swakdesigns.com has super cute clothes for teens and juniors as well as adults!