This post contains items previously gifted for the purpose of content creation.

plus size active wear 17 sundays 001

17 Sundays

One of my favourite Australian brands, the basics range from 17 Sundays is perfect for the more laid back exercise type. Easy basics that will take you from a walk with friends to the park with your kids and back again. Seriously, I lived in these shorts all this Summer so far. The thing is, when it comes to cute shorts or lightweight casual basics, plus size is seriously lacking. I hated the unflattering shorts and shapeless tee’s that were available. I think that’s why I love 17 Sundays BASIC so much. Available directly through the 17 Sundays website or via The Iconic.

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Left – Stripe Terry Shorts
Middle – Cropped Track Pants
Right – Black Terry Shorts {gifted}

plus size active wear cult of California 001


Cult of California

This range is a beacon of stylish and sexy work out gear. Sick of black leggings and oversized tee’s? This is for you. When I first started complaining about the lack of options out there for plus size ladies, my friend Liv suggested I check out Cult of California. I wasn’t disappointed, the range is pretty darn funky. And had I not managed to secure a load of items from local brands, I was going to order the crop top and leggings. So if you end up with any of these items, please let me know how you go. But I know that Olivia wouldn’t lead me astray so I’m sure you’ll love them.

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EDIT: Sorry, now closed. 🙁 

plus size active wear female for life 001


Female for Life

I met the firecracker owner of this Australian brand at Plus Size Fashion Weekend Australia. Mel took the time to showcase her brand and tell us a little about how it started and why it was important for her to start it. The range starts at a size 8 and goes through to a size 22. There is even a range of work out gear for the pregnant ladies. Having seen ladies of all sizes wear the gear myself, I can vouch for their beautiful make and colour range. Dani and Lori are both raving fans of the brand and that my friends, is good enough for me.

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See the entire range here.

plus size active wear virtu 001


My first love and still my favourite work out brand. I wear the leggings or shirts ALL the time. My sister has the tanks. We love them. I look forward to adding the crop to my collection and a tank or two and the cotton tee’s {which I wear for casual clothes as well as gym wear}. The really fun part is that every season they release some new colours and styles. Fun, fun! If you’re a size 12-24 there will be something to suit your workout style. Seriously. This is my work out brand. Full stop. Highly recommended.

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Left – Collage Tee
Middle Left – Venture Crop
Middle Right –  Venture Jacket
Right – Venture Top 

And that completes my wrap up for active wear recommendations. There are some great Aussie brands doing some awesome things. I hope to see expansions in all the ranges to larger sizes and really encourage all woman, no matter their size to get active and get excited.

And sports bras, don’t even get me started on sports bras. However, Virtu’s recent addition of the crop top had me dancing around my living room. A step in the right direction for sure. Watch this space, I think there will be lots of great things coming up in this market. And of course I’ll keep you posted on them. Next week, where to buy cute plus size t-shirts.

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  • Bek

    Glad you mentioned Cult of Cali, they’re the only activewear brand I know of that does over a size 24. I have their bike pants and top. From what I’ve bought their sizing seems to run a teeny bit small. Great clothes though.

    • I follow the brand owner on Instagram and love the attitude of the brand. Glad to hear another positive review.

  • Erin

    I’ve been buying workout gear from Kmart. I’m anywhere form an 18-22 but the 18 fits perfectly. The tops and be a little small but the tights are perfect. GREAT colours too.

  • One of the reasons I started reading plus size fashion blogs was to see the clothes on women who are closer to my size and body shape. I wish brands that sell plus sizes would use a greater diversity of models. I want to see how clothes look on a FAT body. (Looking at you ASOS Curve!!)

    Okay enough ranty pants…great post. My exercise gear consists of Target 3/4 pants and my fave band t-shirts.

    • Brands will never be able to show everyone an accurate example of their body. Even if they used larger models, they would still be too tall for some people. If they used shorter models, they wouldn’t be quite right either. That’s why i love blogs, there’s always someone sort of similar to me I can model an outfit on. It’s the BEST.

      Haha. Ranty pants.

  • Cult of Cali is so super cute. I’m really loving Michelle Bridges range at Big W as well, I think it goes up to a 26. I bought the pants from the range just randomly, and they’re really nice (and affordable)

    • My local only stocks up to the 16 in the range, I have one of the crop tops, it’s my running top because it squishes me boobs flat against my chest and holds them there. Haha. I would be SUPER excited if they have up to a 26. Thanks for the tip.

  • Sarah Collins

    I’ve been getting my workout gear from Best and Less. Super affordable and not terrible quality, it’s about all i can afford at the moment but i love it. Have always wanted something from those other brands but haven’t had the cash

    • I grabbed some leggings from Best & Less the other day. I wear through a lot of leggings and have to replace them every few months. I’m super hard on leggings! Keep an eye out for the sales, Virtu have some massive discounts sometimes making their leggings closer to $25! Bargain.

  • i am a simple lady – big w and target seem to do well by me…..

    • I used to be but I just find they wear out so darn fast. I save my leggings for the days I’m only doing weights or I’ve worn through them in no time. 😉

  • Melissa M

    Great review. Have been looking every where for 3/4 yoga pants but not tight. Love Virtu but NO STOCK of the M or L sizes. Just found a pair today from Target & a T-Shirt to match & 25% off at the moment.
    Love the pants on Female for Life – the Culottes – just a tad expensive. So am thrilled I have new workout gear. So hard to find gear that looks good on. I also bought a pair of Michelle Bridges leggings – they are fab. Thanks Suger xxx

    • Thank you.

      Try the Virtu customer care line, they will be able to source the products in store, otherwise the lovely ladies at the Maroochydore store are happy to do the same. They post me stuff all the time. Email me for info if you want it. The cotton pants in their range are SO comfy.

      My sis picked up some great pieces from Target the other day too. Unfortunately most of their sports stuff ends at a size 16. I SO wanted some of those exercise shirts. Cute colours.

      Enjoy your gear and enjoy your work outs!!

  • Pamela Collett-Dyer

    I’ve never seen Cult of California before. I’ve bought from Big W (work out pants) and Virtu (I bought some tanks but haven’t worn them yet because the shoulders straps need to be shortened). Female for life sizes confuse me too much so I’ve been scared to buy. I gave up looking for exercise clothes – I now make them myself.

    • Argh. You’re one of THOSE people! Lucky duck. I wish, wish I could sew. You won’t be disappointed with the tanks, my sis loves hers.

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