We say, huh, High Five a lot around here. And I was thinking today, maybe a little too much. Ad break, high five. Dinner was awesome, high five. Someone swept the floor, high five. Over and over it goes until I feel like my hand is in the air ready to be swatted more often than not. It’s amazing how something that started as a random, hey, you well done thing has become so every day. Maybe that’s a good thing. But maybe, it undermines it.

Something else we tend to undermine is I Love You. We throw it around. Hanging up the phone, I love you. You packed the dishwasher, I love you. I bought five cardies from Coles, I love you. Through gritted teeth sometimes I almost spit out, I love you. This post is a reminder of types. not to under value the words. To use them with love and generosity and spontaneous joy. Sappy, yes. But necessary for keeping it real no matter the relationship. I don’t know about you, but I have used I love you as a buffer, on auto-pilot and even a weapon almost. And it undermines it.

Happy Valentines too all the Lovers.

Do you high five too much? Say I love you instead of goodbye?


  • Rach

    High fives are ace! But I see what you’re getting at. We don’t want the high five to lose it’s meaning… but, better to high five than not high five I say!
    We don’t oversay I love you, but it is said in our routine, like always as a goodnight to the kids. We should probably be more spontanious with that I suppose. Now you’ve got me thinking!
    Rach x

    • High fives are SO ace. Haha.

      Spontaneous is the key, I think. Not routine.

  • We don’t use enough High Fives here, nor do we say I Love you enough – time to take some of your love on board!!!


  • We say i love you all the time, but i think 90% of the time its genuine. As for the high fives, Mick is a fan of doing them with Flynn, except his favourite is the ” Up high. Down low. Too slow! ” variety….

    • Glad to hear you guys aren’t taking your I love you or your high fives for granted!

  • We say I Love You every time we say goodbye or hang up the phone. Hmmm. Probably overkill but it’s a good way of knowing when the other person’s grumpy if they don’t say it!!

  • I think you’re probably overdoing the high fives a bit. could you perhaps save them for something more special then a routine stacking of the dishwasher? Like a challenge that has been met, or an exam that has been passed, that sort of thing.

    I also agree that “I love you” is used far too often. Not between couples who love each other and don’t mind expressing that, but ending a phone call for instance….bye, I love you, is sometimes heard on the bus, when what I’ve been overhearing as “my” side of the conversation certainly wouldn’t warrant it.
    Which segues neatly into why the heck do people talk so loudly on the phone when they’re on the bus? Do they magine the rest of us passengers can’t hear them?

    • Yeah. Stacking the dishwasher high fives ARE a little lame. Haha. 😉

      Love this and the comment on mobile phone usage. I find it difficult to talk on my phone in public, especially about important or intimate details. So you’ll never catch me loudly chatting on the phone. Come to think of it, I’ve taken a bus that wasn’t school related maybe 3 times in my life. So you won’t see me there either.

  • stinkb0mb

    i say “i love you” everytime we leave each other, be it to work or down the shop. every time i end a phone call with Guv, i end it with an “i love you”.


    because tomorrow is guaranteed to no one, nor is the next moment and if something were to happen, i’d feel better knowing that the last thing i said to him was “i love you” – because i do, in the purest, truest, rawest sense.

    don’t care if people think it’s overkill, or that it’s not warranted at the end of a phone call. i’ve seen that next moment be snatched away from too many people and i’d prefer the people i love hear it too often and [hopefully not] one last time, than not at all.

    overkill? for sure, bring it on – imo there isn’t enough love in the world, maybe if we all said it more often, the world would be a friendlier place?


    • I think this is great Rach. Say it as much as you like, when you mean it. Say it a million times. And I agree, there would be more love in the world.