Do you know that moment when you see something in the shops or in a catalogue and you just know it’s perfect for you? That happened with this tunic. I’ve almost worn my old faithful work tunic out and hadn’t seen anything to replace it with. It’s just so a simple work combination to wear a slim fit pant, a tunic and heels. Comfortable and more than fits the more corporate environment. The monochrome knit fits the bill well, too much colour and it would be too casual.

I was feeling a little better yesterday after work so Hubby grabbed these photos for me on our way home. He’s such a champion. Covered in mud and saw dust from his day in the trenches, he snapped away like a trooper. Luckily these days we both know what I need to put together a post and can knock them out pretty quickly.

But all that aside, don’t you just love it when things work out the way you plan them. I saw, I loved and was lucky enough to be offered a few things from the new season Virtu range. It was top of my list. Gah! Perfect. Then it arrived and it was everything I wanted and more. A good length, the pockets are real and the fit is cosy without being sloppy. Tunic win. You heard it here first.







Asher Tunic – Virtu {gifted}
Leggings – Avella for BigW
Shoes – Emerson for BigW
Necklace – Lovisa



What’s the last item you brought that you just knew you had to have? 


    Oh my gosh that is so cute! I love the necklace, it goes perfectly!

    • Thank you. That necklace was actually one of those on sale, what the heck I’ll get it purchases. It hung around for ages before I wore it.

  • I bought a tee on Thursday that I knew it was going to be perfect. When it comes to casual clothes my wardrobe was extremely lacking. And I recently bought a black tee to fill the gap and found myself wearing it very frequently. It just occurred to me that I needed at least two more in different colours, maybe a funky print. Saw this Mink Denim tee, raspberry with a large grey moth stencil across the front. It just smacked me in the face with how perfect it was for me. My friend The Stylist who was shopping with me said but it’s full price! I would not listen. The shape is flattering, the colour is beautiful and now I can’t stop looking in the mirror – haha.

    • I know that EXACTLY! Sometimes you have to pay retail, it sucks but you do. Haha. SO glad you nabbed it!

  • donnie kash

    Ive seen your collections on pinterest. You are a beatiful lady…i do not mean any rudeness by my suggestion. Please try wearing spanx. Im a size 19/20 and i cant live without them. It make my posture better but most of smooths out all my extra rolls i dont want seen.

    • Thank you Donnie. And about the spanx, I took a little while to consider my response because I get that you were aiming to be helpful and I appreciate that. I just don’t like spanx, basically. My body is what it is and I find them ridiculously uncomfortable and restrictive. I dislike them much more than I dislike the visible line of my stomach or lumps or bumps. So thanks but no thanks from me.