This is what happens when nothing happens to you. When you go to work, the gym and home again every day. And nothing happens. You write a blog post about nothing happening and hey presto, you blogged about what happens when nothing happens.

Magic, huh!?

This is what happens when you had hoped for a funny story from the gym. When you willed someone to do or say something funny. And they didn’t. Or when you secretly wish someone at work would topple {gently, I’m not an animal} off their desk chair, just so you have something to write about.

Mostly, this is what happens when your Hubby gets home late, mows the lawn with the aide of a spotlight and you both eat and crash out on the couch exhausted. He doesn’t have the urge to ask any strange questions. He doesn’t even put any effort into crazy schemes or plans to take over the world. Sigh. Nothing to see here people. Not. A. Thing.

So nothing happens. And then you blog about it, hoping that tomorrow SOMETHING will happen. Anything. Because if something happens, then you’ll have something, anything, to write about. This is the highs and the lows. These are the dull old days of our lives. Such is the life of a personal blogger.

Please let someone fall off their chair today!

  • Psych Babbler

    Haha…I so know what you mean! I have days when I think “oh I can so blog about that” but most of the time, my life is a mundane routine…which I do love but not very helpful for the blog. Times like those, I sift through the papers to see if anything gets my goat so I can then rant about that! 😀 

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      Yup! This is it. Haha.

  • Kristen

    Lol! That is just life isn’t it?! Hopefully something exciting or interesting happens for you soon. Or you could buy something new and show us? I have a thing for belts at the moment…… 😛

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      Oooo, I do that instead! I do have some new winter finds. Because alas, no one falling off chairs here again today. Damn them.

      • Kristen

        How rude, don’t they know you have a blog to write?! 😉