Today I got bored. So I straightened my hair.

 And you know this guy, well he was next {note the combed through heat protect}

He was a good sport. And we laughed. A lot!

And then I did my make up for some outfit photos.

Zipped up my new boots in a swift costume change.

Forgetting entirely that my Hubby had long, floaty, boy band’esque locks.

Until he showed me some dance moves.

I think we need to get out more.


Happy Sunday Sugers!

  • Mumabulous

    I kinda like your hubby’s new do. But after your last post, I am amazed you have time to be bored. Love

    • Haha. It’s certainly better than the combed before! That’s for sure. Believe me, stuff like the ECCO shoes thing doesn’t happen every day, I promise. I’m nowhere near that cool.

  • stinkb0mb

    unplanned, bored sundays are the best! the days with no plans usually end up being the best ones.


  • Kakka

    Absolutely loving these photos of you, especially the first one. They are just gorgeous. xxx

  • Hehehe, you know it’s love when they let you do what you want with the hair 😛

  • Looks like a fun Sunday. I love that you both did your hair!!!