I’ve been cooking. More often than not lately. There is something soothing about it. Calming. Peaceful. All the chopping, simmering, cleaning and even the heat. This year I hope to share more recipes with you.

Coming up; Chick pea patties, buttermilk scones & warm Russian salad. Which would you like to see first? Here’s a preview to help you decide!




  • Amy

    Scones! Scones! Always the scones.

  • Sarah

    Chickpea burgers? I love the look of this and want to nom it all up.

    • Haha. Still working on perfecting the patties. But will post them as soon as possible so, you know, you can nom them all up! 😉

  • felicakes

    aww no fair! you have a thermomix! I so want one but we can’t afford it at the moment. 🙁

    • Totally worth every cent in our house. And my brothers house too as I make hummus for my niece. Mmmm.

      I get it’s a big expense though. We paid for ours outright to avoid the ongoing expense. I think I’d resent it a bit if I had to keep paying for it for month after month for a few years.

  • I love buttermilk scones!
    The rest of the plates look yummy too.
    If I had room for a thermomix I’d get one. Maybe.
    It seems to create larger amounts of food than i could handle.

    • Most of the recipes do cater for up to 8 people but it’s jut hubby & I. So we either halve it or freeze stuff. Now I’m better with some recipes, I just go on how much we need and adapt by feel.

      I love buttermilk scones too. Soooo light. Mmmm.