It’s been a while since I gave a work wear update. I figured you were probably all sick and tired of seeing my same items recycled time and time again. But with the change of seasons out comes the jumpers and in come some new items. Thanks to the whole air-conditioned office and car thing, a light cardie does it so well here. It’s not even stockings weather yet. It will be at some point, but it’s not yet. So for the Autumn wrap up of what I’m wearing, check it out.

Mix Apparel Cardie, BigW tee & $9 flats and Autograph Skirt

BigW sweater dress, leggings and $9 flats.

Autograph waterfall cardie, Virtu stripe pencil skirt {love, also in blue!}, BigW loafers & tee.

TS14+ top, Autograph skirt & BigW ruffle wedges.

Autograph tunic {worn as shirt}, waterfall cardie & skirt. BigW flats.

Autograph cardie & skirt, BigW tee and ruffle wedges.

What are you wearing to work at the moment?

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