I plan to live in this season colours and cardigan’s, slim fit jeans with knee high boots, coloured jeans and a whole heap of blazers. I’m going for a slim silhouette, layering and statement accessories. I have almost everything I need already. It’ll be about combining old stuff, classic stuff with updated colours. I even plan to bring on the big hair and statement eye make up a’la Adele the fabulous. I’m ok with seasonal fashion, I love to watch it happen. But for me, I feel like I want a classic look this year. Almost retro.

Items from Virtu, Autograph, ASOS Curve, MYER and Mix Apparel. Please email or comment with questions of which is which. I went and made the collage too darn big and labelling them all was a nightmare! Haha.

What are your plans, clothes wise, this season?

  • Jos

    My fave look for the cooler weather is also skinny jeans, white t-shirt, black blazer, boots & a pop of colour with a bold necklace! You will rock those looks. I love the last pic the most.

    • Me too! I have the boots, tee and skirt, just need to add the cardie. I love a good boots look. Obviously. Haha.

      Love that simple chic look of the skinnies with monochrome.

  • I will likely try and mix some of these looks with my love of vintage and keep an eye out at the op shops for some blazers. But aside from that I usually dance to beat of my own drum fashion wise with my love thrifted and vintage clothing, so I wouldn’t say I’m usually on trend, I’m just me!

    I’ll probably even delve into the summer wardrobe to layer up with cardies and and tights. Goodness, I have no idea really, let the new season begin and we’ll see how I come out the other end of it, I’m constantly curating my warbrobe.

    Hmmm reading back over those two paragraphs it feels like I have finally found the words for my Friend with Suger Fashion post…..I’ve tried to write it a couple of times and just haven’t been happy with my discription, goodness me I’m a wally.

    • Excellent news re: the FOS post! 🙂

      And curating your wardrobe isn’t a bad thing, I just did mine again the other day. I think your look will suit tights and blazers perfectly. Cardies too, of course.

  • Sarah

    I love the boots, pants tunic and cardigan look. It works for me! This year I want to add more colours.

    A bright statement blazer would be perfect but I think financially, it’s easier to add colours with bright tshirts, tunics or jeans.

    As much as I love stripes, that first cardigan is an eye sore!

    • I agree, often it’s easier to add the colour through tee’s and accessories.

      Oh noooo! The first cardigan is the same as the one in the bottom right corner! Just something went weird. Haha.

  • oohhhh there are some looks I like! Did you get that blazer????

    • Only SOME. Haha. I know, I know my style is so conservative compared to you.

      No, I’m on a ban. For now!

  • Jayne

    I am hanging out for coloured jeans. The Autograph ladies told me they were getting some in Feb/March but no sign of them yet. I might have to get some from asos. Virtu dont have any which isdisappointing. I am also keen on the virtu black maxi.

    • Oh! REALLY. Cool, can’t wait to see what they come up with. I’ve ordered the coloured chino’s. I’m waiting on a friend to get the skinnies to give me an idea on size.

      • Jayne

        You can see the jeans on the website – well part of them anyway. They are in the picture for a patterned peasant top. They look like a ruby colour. Or they maybe the coloured leggings they are getting. Who knows. I just want a coloured pair of pants. I am not keen on ordering from ASOS as the return cost if they are wrong is astronomical.

        • Oh! I see. Cool. I can’t wait to check them out in store.

  • I quite like that denim jacket and the yellow cardigan. Could you tell me where they’re from please?

    • The denim jacket is from Virtu.
      The yellow cardigan is from Mix Apparel.

      Nice, huh!? 🙂

  • Mine is tights, tunics, cardies and boots! In theory though because right now i’m havign trouble finding tunics the right length at the right price!

    • So true! I find mine are either too long {and make me look frumpy} or too short {cough slutty cough} even with leggings. Sigh. Such is the challenges of MY life. 😉 Good luck in your search.

  • I need to find a place in Sydney that stocks Mix Apparel cause I NEED that polka dot skirt!

    • I could grab it here and post it to you if you can’t find any. Let me know, ok?

  • Charm White

    I would wear everything in this collage! I just bought the Virtu tunic (4th row, 3rd across) but even though I went by measurements the size I got was way too big so I need to return it. And since I’m reordering a smaller size that gives me an excuse to order the bottom right outfit 🙂 I also need to make the trek to my local Mix Apparel stockist for that polka dot skirt and yellow cardi!! so cute!

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      Me too! If I had bought mine before I wrote this post I would’ve said. Order down a size or two at least. Depending on how fitted you want it. I prefer layers like this fairly fitted to give a more streamline shape.

      Good luck with the shopping!! A trip to Mix is a fortnightly affair around here, thanks to the groceries. Who knew I’d become such a fan of grocery shopping. HAHA.

      • Charm White

        I’m a bit impressed by Virtu customer service. They responded to my feedback and supplied me with a postpaid returns slip to get an exchange. Now to decide if I should go down 1 or 2 sizes! 

        Am yet to make it to the Mix store. May have to make a special trip there on the weekend.

        • Melissa Walker Horn

          They are THE BEST. So glad to hear another great customer experience, mine have always been great. Probably two sizes. I plan to go to the small {I normally wear the large} in the tanks.