That the rules to dressing when your plus size were made up by someone a hundred million years ago and don’t really apply. My Dad still shakes his head when I wear 4 inch heels pushing my height to 6ft 1″. You’re tall enough, he says. Never! I shoot back. No such thing as too tall.

Well fitting is more flattering than baggy any day. Sure baggy is comfortable but leave it to the couch. Remember this post? The rules still apply. 150%. I will never forget the first time I put on skinny jeans after years in baggy boyfriend styles. It was a bit of holy grail moment. The fit suited my shape like no one’s business. Fitted is King. And note I said fitted not tight.

For me the perfect skirt length is 2 inches above or below the knee, anything else doesn’t work. Solid blocks of colour work for me. Things like dresses and head to toe one colour suit me way better than splitting myself in half. Longer line jackets and cardigans suit me better than short ones. I know what suits me best. But it doesn’t mean I won’t give other styles a try. Do you know what suits you?

Use colour as often as you can. Don’t get stuck in a monochrome rut. Because I wear so much black, white and grey with my job, it was pretty easy to get stuck wearing the same stuff all the time. Especially my favourite black dresses. It doesn’t mean that monochrome is bad. I mean, come on some of my favourite styles involve monochrome. But add some colour, trust me, you won’t be able to help but smile.

Be brave. Try on the latest trends. See how you can make them work for you. If they don’t, leave them and move on. If they do, incorporate immediately and congratulate yourself on being so cool. A couple of people have mentioned lately that they wish they could be as brave with clothes as I am. Firstly, I’m not. My style is simple in a lot of ways. It’s just stuff I like and lots of it. But what I do is keep an open mind on ALL new trends and try to work out how they will work for me. If they don’t, I ditch it and move on.

Oh yeah. And DO WHAT YOU WANT. Full stop.

What have YOU learnt?

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  • Moe aka @biggirlblue

    I think you hit on a valuable point. We need to establish our own set of rules for fashion and dressing and realize that one fat chic’s fashion code is not going to be the same as another and it shouldn’t be. I for one will never let anyone sway me from wearing horizontal stripes again, or baggy irregular sweaters . LOL.

    I cannot wear 4″ heels no matter how much I want too. For me, they are a fantasy and I have to live vicariously through people like you who can actually wear them. I have a pair of 3″ ones and they are killer. (I want that pussy bow dress in the top collage!!)

    • Yes, that’s it. Make your own rules by finding out first hand what works and doesn’t work for you.

  • Beck @ Rambling Mummy

    Just have to say I’m totally jealouse of you style!
    Still yet to find what works for me… its got to be out there somewhere!

  • WORD!

  • This is an excellent post and relates to everyone. I always look at the silhouette clothing gives, baggy clothes increase it and fitted clothes reduce it. Heels – love them. I’ll tower over my husband but I’ll also look slimmer and my short legs will look normal length.

    You always look fantastic, I love your style.


    • I have short legs for how tall I am. It’s very sad tale indeed. 😉
      Thanks Rachel!

  • claire

    I totally agree with your styling guide – I too have given up baggy clothes for a more fitted look and it suits me better. Who knew skinny jeans would look better than the baggy jeans – in spite of what fashion experts say.
    p.s. I have that same blue & red ASOS dress and love it. On me it is a lot longer (I am only 5ft 3″) and that suits me…

    • I know, right!? Skinny jeans for big girls. A TOTAL REVELATION.

      The heart dress was borrowed from a stylish friend, but it’s so much fun to wear I had it for months.

  • Yvette @ DTlilsquirts

    You look very stylish!! I use to have a great stylish mojo until my lil squirts came along, got out of the loop of style and settled for comfort.. now I am ready to get back and try things on again!! 🙂 I love your photos! xx Great post!

    • Thank you! And yes, get back into it. Such a simple form of self expression.

  • stinkb0mb

    i will never do heels i don’t believe, well not at this size anyway, i don’t like how wearing them makes me feel like i’m on display, i prefer to have my feet planted firmly [and flatly] on the floor.

    interesting what you say about skinny jeans. i don’t own skinny jeans – well i don’t think i do, or maybe i do, not sure but i bought my first pair last year that were fitted through the legs, normally i go for loose ones through the legs, but these cling to my thighs and my tree trunk calves and they look SO much better on me than my old loose ones do!! i got them from from autograph and i love them so much i’m going to go back and buy some more this year.


    • Heels are the second love of my life. You’re gorgeous. You’re on display anyway, sorry to tell ya. 😛

      YES! I know those jeans. I just put some straight leg jeans on lay-by at Autograph. They do some great jeans. For a few years in the middle there the fabric they used sucked. So I stopped buying them. For the last year or two they turned it around. Now I love them. Short version, WOOT. Gotta love fitted jeans.

  • Gladys

    Your post resonated so much for me.
    I’m 6 foot tall and I alternate between my Grosby flats and 5 inch heels. I seem to have a wierd shoe fetish that way. As soon as my grosby’s start to wear I’ll buy a new pair and wear them everday till they wear out, rinse and repeat. But my heels? Oh lord, I have dozens of high heels, in all shades and styles. And truth be told, rarely wear them. It’s hard enough even finding them. I wear a size 11 (and a bit) so the fit is impossible.
    This is where Target has become my best friend. Their size 11 shoes are the best fit I’ve found, and their jeans are great! I was given a size 18 bootleg jean that I practically live in.

    • I wear an 11 too. Target, oh my, I adore them. My local Target is a small outlet and we get a really reduced stock. BUT I head to the sunshine coast sometimes and buy up BIG.

  • Jayne

    I made so many mistakes with clothes. I shudder to think how much money was wasted.

    But now I know: Tailored suits me much better. I am not a gypsy. I love skinny leg and bootleg jeans. I love dresses. Belts with my tummy are tricky. Leggings under tunics make me look like a paddle pop. I loathe animal prints. I love a bargain – hello $90 pants for $12 ! I know not to worry about the number on the label anymore – I have size 18 to 20 in my wardrobe.

    • HA! Me too. So many years in baggy tee’s and unflattering shorts. But well worth the experience to bring me to where I am now.

      That label thing is EXACTLY right. I have clothes at this very second from a size 16-24. I normally wear a 20-22. If it doesn’t fit. Don’t wear it. If it does, who cares what the label says.

  • Karen

    Amen to that!

  • ahh Miss Suger you have given me the bravery to go out and be BOLD, and I’m going to dam well find a good fitting pair of skinny jeans! x

  • Great post! youre right about being confident and taking risks with fashion. we gotta get rid of these ridiculous old fashion rules. rules in fashion are a bunch of BS anyway! you look lovely in all of your outfit! love your blog am following

    BTW i am hosting a Giveaway on my blog, i would appreciate it if you’d check it out


    • Thanks! I’m glad you’re enjoying it. I’ll pop right over and check out your give away.

  • lg

    Hey Melissa
    What a great post! I think one of the keys to developing your own style is confidence in knowing who your really are and who you really can – or can’t – be. Does that make sense? Maybe that comes with age too?

    First time reading your blog, but i’ll be back

    lg xx

    • I think it definitely comes with age and knowing yourself.

      Welcome and I’m glad you enjoyed it.

  • Love your style! xx

  • Love your style, and love your style posts. Glad you do them for the real girl (ie. most of us)!


    • Melissa Walker Horn

      Thanks Kymmie.

      I think so too! There are more than enough blogs showing you all levels of genuine fashionista. Mine has always been more like, what should I wear to my friend’s party? Or to the markets on Sunday?

  • Betty Wilson

    Omg I love the blue and red dress and the dress on the top lot of photos I think its grey in some sort of pattern (can’t see on my phone) where are the main places that you shop? Im in a fashion rut 🙁

    • Thanks! Mainly I shop at 17 Sundays, ASOS Curve {online} and City Chic. I supplement from Target and via secondhand sales where I find interesting older pieces. Good luck!