When I decided to quit sugar I didn’t really think much about what I would eat. I was still days away from grocery shopping. I knew I had to get by with what we had. No big deal. We had meats, vegetables, salads and a cupboard full of canned goods. So I started reading. Labels, sugar free websites, I went back over the book. I started making plans. 
For breakfast life looks a little like a low carb diet around here. I’ll often have a boiled egg or fresh tomato on a toast I found that I mentioned earlier. I’ve scrambled eggs. And I am making my own yogurt from full fat milk and next week plan to stir through fresh or frozen berries. I hear there are cereals that meet the sugar target but I’m not interested. It’s not my things.
For snacks I eat vegetables, cheese and tuna. I was surprised by how much sugar was used to make {is it cure?} my favourite ham. So it went off the shopping list. And if I get really hungry, I just make myself a plate like the bowl above. Fresh vegetable and salads, chopped and easy to much on. Hands on food I LOVE. Or I drink a small glass of full cream milk. Did YOU know how sweet milk is? I couldn’t believe it when on the third day I had a glass. I almost died. So sweet. It’s like my favourite treat now. Ha. 
For lunch it’s more of the same. If I go out for lunch I eat a meat, chicken or fish and either vegetables or salad. I ask for no sauces or dressings. The other day I ordered a beef burger {steak, not a pattie} and didn’t eat the white bun it was served on. When it arrived and I started eating I realised that the caramalised onions were actually more of a chutney. So I removed it too. I have chips too. This isn’t low carb after all. But I find I never eat the full serve anymore.
Dinners are the same as always around here. We just check labels and keep the ingredients below 3grams of sugar and 8grams for dairy. My sister cooked the MOST amazing meal last night of fresh vegetables with chicken wrapped in bacon, stuffed with chive cheese. And as is becoming common I passed my final piece of chicken {they were wrapped in cute parcels} to Hubby because I was satisfied. 
I tell you what, to have lost the weight I did in the first week and to be eating so well, is a revelation to me. THIS is a life I could lead. And next week I bring the fruits back. In moderation. Two serves a day is the guideline my Dad uses {I’m not sure if that is part of the plan}. I am really looking forward to an apple. Pink Ladies are my favourite. I wonder if they will taste the same…? 
So there you go. Sugar free eating isn’t all bad. Or that restrictive really. It’s a lot of fresh and homemade foods. I am trying not to incorporate a lot of replacement sweeteners {because we all know THAT is a whole other kettle of fish} but instead let my body adjust to a new level of sweet. Like the milk thing, who would’ve known. 
This is a lifestyle, let me assure you, not a diet. OR a rigid eating program with four food choices. Find the book, do some reading {of labels and online}. And remember, I’m no expert. I’m finding my way and listening to what my body is saying. For the first time, in a long time. That I am ridiculously proud of considering it comes so naturally for some. It never did for me. My head, my emotions have always ruled it all. 
So this is the way it works, huh. Nice. 
ps. Thank you for your support yesterday. I’ve enjoyed an afternoon, evening and morning bawling at sad movies, Oprah and an overwhelming sense of gratitude. Sorry to worry some of you. I’m back baby. 😀
  • Sheri Bomb

    BAM! There's my Suger 😉 xx

  • Dorothy

    That sounds really easy…. It's really about having the right foods in the pantry and fridge and taking a little time with the preparation.I could do that. Maybe….

  • Talia

    You know when you said "And if I get really hungry, I just make myself a plate like the bowl above"? Well for me, that is one of the perks of the sugar free stuff- no quilt over eating when you're hungry! You can trust yourself to know when you're actually hungry, and when you're just bored, and you can eat! Bless! How good is that?!I am SO glad that you're loving being off sugar. I'm always a little nervous suggesting it to people, because they're all like "not eating sugar, are you CRAZY?! I can't live without *insert really sugary food here*" and they just don't know what they're missing out on!After a few weeks we started eating the dextrose as a sugar replacement- it's just glucose, so you don't need to be worried about all the yucky chemicals and stuff in the artificial sweetners. The liquid glucose and dextrose aren't super sweet normally, buy you will find them quite adequete (sp?) now!!Man I hope I don't loose this comment. I've been blabbering for ages. 😛

  • Megan Leslianne

    I don't understand how you're allowed to drink milk on this "sugar free" diet. There's sugar in milk. Is it because there are allowances in this diet that let you to consume some types of sugar? Slightly confused…

  • River

    Well done! i'm proud of you. I'm making a different kind of effort. Smaller portions and much less snacking. Today was quite headachy, but that will pass.

  • GR8GURL1

    You mentioned milk being something that you enjoy but has a lot of natural sugars…. I used to have the same problem …. then a friend introuduced me to Unsweetened Almond milk the awesome part it tastes as creamy as whole milk and the best part only 40 calories a cup and is Unsweetened it tastes really good and I dont use any thing else any more and when you do introuduce fruit back … I make Frozen fruit Smoothies with the almond milk and the Frozen fruit with a little fiber and im Full for hours and only 175 Calories for almost a full blender full in my cup … Something to think on! Good Luck!!!

  • Megan Leslianne

    Aha! As long as it's less than 8g sugar per 100g. I didn't realise that was allowed. Makes complete sense now. :)

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/12164329423881113248 Zoe

    Sounds fantastic!

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/10297932355360477833 Melissa *Suger Coat It*

    Megan {you don't have email attached to your blogger sign in otherwise I would have emailed}, it is based on the plan in the book sweet poison. Milk is allowable because Lactose is converted to glucose by the body and processed. But it is still to be consumed in serves that contain less than 8g/100g of sugar. Ultimately what is being cut out is fructose and refined sugars which the body finds it difficult to burn/use and thus stores it as porridge like substance in the arteries. While at the same time bypassing the calorie check point and tricking you into thinking you're not full. That's my understanding of it all. You are welcome to do whatever works for you. As per the disclaimer, it's my eating plan. It is based on the idea, but I made it up. It is a guide or a text or anything that people should use to make up their minds about Sugar Free'ish living. The #sugarfreesuger tag is just a catchy line for the blog. It would hardly be as effective being the #mostlyfructoseandrefinedsugarsandsometimesfruitbutnotmilkfreesuger Haha.

  • Angela

    So good!!! You're inspiring me….as I sit here with my sugary coke…bad girl ;)Well done!A x

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/12829443038522374160 Amy xxoo

    I'm glad your going so well Liss… and, inspired by you, i may even start checking some of my labels for sugar too. Not that i'm jumping on the bandwagon or anything but i think i could stand to know a little bit more about what i'm putting in my body! I eat a lot of fresh food anyway so its more the labels on ready made sauces, muesli bars etc that i'd be watching…