Hubby and I got to talking, we want to see more stuff. Do more. So we’ve decided that we’re just going to start doing them. You know, get out more! We want to wander the coast from here to Sydney, maybe even as far as Adelaide. We want to cruise north to Cooktown. Maybe across the middle to somewhere gorgeous in WA. We want to drive Route 66 in the US, visit my second cousin in Canada and spend some time in the spa resort I visited once in South Africa. We really, REALLY want to explore Europe and eat our way to Italy. We’ve got an itch and we plan to scratch it. Even it only a little bit at first. It’s exciting and we can’t wait to get started. You’ll tag along, won’t you?

So what should we do first?

  • Carly Findlay

    Just do it! I’m loving travel – I know you will too x

    • Thanks Carly, looking forward to it. I think we were waiting for a big special trip instead of taking more smaller, but just as special trips. You know? Glad to hear you’re enjoying yourself!!

  • workingwomenaustralia

    Definitely Europe. There is SO much to see and do over there. I love the fact that it can be a public holiday in one country, so you just pop across the boarder to another for some milk. Mind blowing. Have fun planning – that’s half the excitement.

    • It SO is, isn’t it! Thanks Kim.

      {I got your email but don’t have my laptop, so I will send the kit when I get home tonight}

  • Oh oh oh oh! Do it all!!! I want to read about every minute of every trip you take 🙂
    Also, come visit me in Canberra some time!

  • Sarah White

    Come to Adelaide and pretend it’s Italy! I’ve never been to an Italian restaurant:)

    • I’m happy to give it a go! Was saying to Hubby I’ve never been to Adelaide, but I love old buildings and churches and I hear there are plenty of those! 😉

  • river

    Will I tag along? You betcha!
    This will be a great way for me to see more of Aust. and some of Europe too.
    And Canada!!
    I’m going to Canada if I ever win Lotto.
    Canada is the location used to film the Stargate series.
    Look me up when you get to Adelaide.

  • YES! I want to travel, but can’t really afford it, this way, I can just live through you 😛

  • I’ll be there! And I want to do the same too! Here’s to travel to infinity and beyond!

  • Renae Foottit

    Route 66 is a must – Hubs and I did it a few years back and it was amazing. Just make sure you fork out the extra few hundred dollars on the hire car and get the convertible. (We got a brand new red Mustang.) Totally worth it!!

    • Ooooo, great tip! Thanks Renae. Oooo, you’re making me even more excited to get on with it.

  • OMG YES!! Of course I will follow along- if follow with if you’d let me!! 😉 I love holiday bloggers! x

    • Haha. I knew you’d be a fan of this. Heck, why not come along too. 😉