So I’ve made it. Here I am. At WordPress. I kind of miss Blogger already. Which is lame and sort of sad. But that is the downside of any break up, right? All of a sudden you have rose coloured glasses about what the relationship was REALLY like.

I’m building and working through things here. I’m hoping that soon I will have it looking like the place you knew and loved at But different, unique. I have an idea for a look around here. Now to see if I can pull it off, or if I have to bring in the big guns.

Talk soon. Come and find me if you don’t hear anything for a bit. I’m probably lost in the WordPress dashboard. Haha.

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  • Amy

    Looking forward to see what you make of your new space. I started my new blog on wordpress but was planning on leaving MahliMoo, Me and Three on blogger, but now I am not sure.

    I can totally understand how you would get lost in the WP dashboard, it is a little daunting!


    • Thanks Amy, I’m having a bit of a play. It’s frustrating learning something new. But I’ll get there! Haha.

  • Veronica

    hey melissa. i was wondering where you were the other day. i don’t know what has happened to my own space, but in blogger i cannot see much at all (meaning when i click on the design page or posting page, etc…, i just get an error code. elements have disappeared and so have posts. i give up for now as i am taking a break over christmas and the new year. i wish you a very happy festive season. enjoy and i look forward to seeing how this space comes to life. xo.

    • Hey V. Yeah, Google closed my account for about 20hours and disabled everything. Some pages it’s still impossible to get. So after that I decided to move. Looking forward to making this a little more homey too. 😉 Merry Christmas to you and yours as well. xox

  • Danielle


  • kat

    Never fear, we’re all still here!
    Just like your home this place will feel more and more like YOUR space as time goes on.
    Looking forward to seeing it all come together bit by bit xo

    • Thank goodness! It’s the most worrying part. Especially if I can’t get the feed sorted out {which I think MAYBE I have}.

      Thanks Kat, I appreciate the words. Fingers crossed. Right now it feels like a permanent guest post. 😉

  • Ha Ha! I knew I’d find you. (you can’t hide from me!)

    The old link in my sidebar doesn’t work now, so I typed in your address and added you to my favourites list. I’ll go to my dashboard later and enter the new link to the sidebar.

    *looks around* this place looks pretty nice…..

    • I’m so glad you made it over. Yes, please update your link.

      I’m very happy with this template. I didn’t have the brain power to do anything myself.