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Post contains raving about an item gifted for editorial consideration.

It’s not often I hand over the entire post to one item of clothing outside of my sponsored post context. But the Analogue Print Dress is just too good not to. Regular readers of this blog will know I’m a raving 17 Sundays fan and have been for years now. I would buy, hunt down and stalk their pages for new items to get my hands on. Why? They fit me like a glove and suit my lifestyle. My style and my life, so literally my lifestyle.

And this dress, well it’s all that and more. It’s pretty darn fab.

When you’re over a certain size finding a cute, easy to wear summer dress can be impossible. Finding one that isn’t fussy or cutesy makes it feel like mission impossible. It’s one of the reasons I fell hard for the 17 Sundays clothes. Cute dresses, short shorts and easy to wear basics that always have a bit of a unique spin on them. And this dress certainly does that.

I mean the print! Come oooon. It’s gorgeous. And I’m told designed to complement all skin tones. The attention to detail in the tiny spots that form the triangles that form the pattern. I’ve worn all the Analogue print pieces out and about and received more than one compliment each time on the print. It’s a crowd pleaser that’s for sure. You’ll love it. I love it. Did I mention that?

Size wise I’m wearing the 24 because was all out of the size 22. There’s room in the actual dress that I compensated for by pulling the cord a little tighter. Lengthwise though the size up doesn’t hurt at all. It makes it the perfect cheeky, without literally showing my cheeks, length. Jo at iCurvy shared her review of the dress in a sizing update the other day and found the fit generous. I would agree with that in relation to the design of the dress is that, for sure.

Want stars out of ten score? I’d give this baby a 10 outta 10! I’m obsessed with it. Bring on the balmy summer nights, I’ve got it covered.

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Analogue Print Dress by 17 Sundays {gifted, size 24}, shoes Emerson for BigW {sold in-store}


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  • Mel Watson

    That print is all kinds of gorgeous and for a combination print girl as I am would work perfectly for me I think. It really does look comfy but stylish Mel and I love the bracelet you are wearing with it! Off to have another look (look, must not buy!) at the 17 Sundays website. For about the one millionth time lol!

    • Thaaaanks Mel. It’s a great print. I love the unique prints 17 put out. All drawn by Claire one of the owners, how cool is THAT? Haha. Enjoy your browse.

      • Mel Watson

        That is really cool (that Claire draws all the prints)! Really cool! I am a lover of print which I think is why 17 Sundays appeals so much to me. It’s just unfortunate that I do not have the bank account to go and buy anything let alone everything I want lol! =)

  • Dulcinea

    Love your style! 🙂

  • Kel

    LOVE this dress – only thing I don’t like about it is that it is not lined…..why don’t people line dresses anymore?!?!

    • It’s gorgeous. And I had to chuckle a little, I’m always too hot, so people not lining dresses anymore is like THE BEST THING EVER to me. Haha.

  • Nadine

    It’s actually a really simple dress.
    Get to your dressmaker with some material – and take some silk too and turn it into a maxi.