Last Saturday I had to go into my office for a couple of hours. My usual corner at the coffee shop sat bare and unattended and I pulled on a weekend version of my corporate attire and went in. My employer said that he really liked my suit. So I must’ve done okay. I add the necklace after. They have a pretty strict no dangly jewelry policy these days. I am allowed to wear a corporate scarf though… Ick!

So where did I get this wonderful ‘suit’ that was so admired? Well for the jacket portion, I borrowed it. I dug deep into Liv’s closet, plucked it out and took it home with me. On loan of course! I promise Liv, it will be returned to you safe and well. And isn’t that just the best plan you’ve ever heard of? Last time I was there I dropped off a few of the beautiful Harlow items I’d been gifted, this time the Hope & Harvest peplum and some pants. It means we both get new items in our wardrobe, it doesn’t cost us a cent and hello new outfits!

Do you have a girlfriend you can swap clothes with? I highly recommend you give it a go. After all, the proof is in the pudding! 

plus size work style outfit with blazer-3 plus size work style outfit with blazer-7 plus size work style outfit with blazer-8

Can we talk about how useful these ponte pants have been ALL season long? I wear them for work, to lunches, dinners and dates. I wear them out, when I’m staying in and they are washed and worn two to three times a week. That is the sort of item you need in a wardrobe. There are a million and one outfits you can build around a pair of well-fitting, slim leg, ponte pants. And sure, some of them are borderline leggings as pants, but who REALLY cares? not anyone that matters, that’s for sure.

Leggings as pants for the win.

plus size work style outfit with blazer-1 plus size work style outfit with blazer-5 plus size work style outfit with blazer-10 plus size work style outfit with blazer-2

Jacket – Borrowed from Liv
Top – Avella for Big W
Necklace – From Hubby

Ponte Pants – Target {gifted – sold out online}
Wedges – Emerson for Big W


plus size work style outfit with blazer-9

  • Curvily NYC

    LOL, I feel you! I have a pair of skinny ponte pants that my BFF’s liked to tease me about, saying they were leggings, so I call them my professional leggings as pants 🙂 This look is great!

  • Martina Hart

    Love the pants. They have been good to you this wonter. And the jacket is the bomb. What brand is it?

  • river

    Sadly, I have no one I can borrow clothes from. Happily, there is no one who can borrow my clothes. Win Win.
    Lucky for you the ponte pants aren’t leggings, because leggings are NOT pants.

    • Win win indeed. Cheeky.
      Naaaw, some on! Leggings can totes be pants. HAHA.

  • Suger I love that you incoporate brands like target and big w into your outfits. these brands are cheaper (generally) & more accessible for some people so I think its awesome you show how to look gorgeous in what some people would say are not great brands. looking fantastic as always!

    • I think that good basics will get you everywhere. Sure we’d all love to be able to purchase the best every time but that’s not possible. So of course I’ll show them here. More and more though I hope to feature affordable alternatives but also reusing items and not buying so much in general.

  • Amy

    I can’t say enough how fantastic you look in this outfit. Five stars. I love it!

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