Whether you’ve been here for a day, a month or a year. I’m glad you’re visiting because if you didn’t, I’d just be talking to myself. I was sitting here thinking that most of you would never have read some of the OLD posts. Posts I love, that say so much. They are the reason that I get given so much rope to waffle on now. About not much. So here are a few, that I love, that I thought you might like. And if you want to comment, that’s ok, I get notified of every single one. No matter how old the posts.

Ready, here we go.

The time I admitted I was an addict. And then, I relapsed.

I wrote this post one day, quickly. And this one took ages.

And one day I woke up and just couldn’t help it, I had to say something.

The first post I ever wrote about miscarriage & trying to have a baby.

This was my first ever outfit post.

And this, was the one that had me hooked.

But then, there was this post, one that says a lot about me and how serious I am.

So enjoy. I hope you visit some of them. I will be. I missed these posts. They’re like old friends. But be aware, in the transfer from Blogger some of the old pictures were compressed, so they are a bit lame. Quality wise. But before you go, tell me, how long have you been reading for?

  • Seasidechick


    The post you wrote about your Miscarriage was the first one of yours I ever read, and I’ve been reading daily ever since. I experienced my first miscarriage shortly before then, and was googling to find out what I was supposed to feel about a miscarriage, wondering if I was oversensitive for grieving. You helped put my mind at ease, knowing that someone else, a *real* person, had grieved their loss as I had.

    I’ve been hooked ever since, because you are real. There is no fake here, and I love that.

    • Thank you, this is such a beautiful compliment. I appreciate it so much. I hope time has helped. xo

  • kat

    I’ve been a fan since probably June/July last year.
    Somehow I was being drawn to blogs about miscarriage and infertility – seems I always happen to stumble on the stuff I need to hear when I need to hear it.
    The first post I read of yours had something about moving house and having not felt at home within yourself.
    Your raw words on depression – the feeling of seemingly having it all yet feeling empty inside – struck a chord with me and I’ve vowed to emulate your level of honesty and integrity ever since.

    Loved reading your insights on your other little blog too (the one filled with little gems of wisdom passed down to you from your parents and grandparents) that was the final clincher.
    Anyone who’s as down to earth, honest and sweet as you can’t help but be followed on this path to who knows where.

    • Thank you. This is all kinds of wonderful and so supportive. I’m glad, you know, that the one thing most people agree on is that they come here and it’s real. Honest. I love that. It makes me so proud. I appreciate every word you said up there. SO much. 🙂

  • I don’t remember how long I’ve been reading, but I’m reminded now that I haven’t yet made the trip through your archives that I always meant to do.

  • I’m glad you linked back to some of your old posts! I have not gone that far back to read since I found your blog. I LOVE your outfit posts! I’m serious, your “first” outfit post, those are some of the cutest outfit posts ever! They show so much personality! I wish I could get mine to look like that!

    I hadn’t read the details about your miscarriage and TTC before either, it was hard to hold back the tears reading that one. It took me 1 1/2 yrs of trying before I got pregnant with my first and 7 months the second time around, I count myself lucky that I got pregnant before we had to make the decision to seek help and it saddens me that anyone who wants a baby has to go through so much difficulty. I hope it happens for you soon, you seem like a great person and I find that often the ones who want a baby so bad and struggle with it end up being the most patient and nurturing parents.

    • Haha. I had no idea what I doing. And it was Melissa vs The Tripod, let me tell YOU.

      Thank you. I hope so too. And I hope that this prepares me. Readies me in some way, like you said. I’m glad you got your bubbies. There are few things worse than waiting.