When I had an opportunity the other day to get some outfit photos this is one I absolutely HAD to capture. Mostly because I was so happy with how it went when I wore it, but mostly to show you the transition of this dress from sunny Autumn days to Winter layering. You know me, I love a comfortable outfit. The layering make this perfect for dinner or a movie. And it even works for a walk along a board-walk with a hot coffee in hand. Naaaaw, romatical.

To replicate this look take your favourite summer dress. I’d grab one with sleeves, but it’s not essential. Add boots, leggings, scarf and a jacket. Hey presto, multi-seasonal wardrobe. I find that the less opaque the leggings the less it looks work weary. You know what I mean? If you add sheer tights it can be a bit like you’re off to the office I think. But that could just be me. And that’s my tip. That and keep adding layers until you’re warm, which around here, isn’t that many. Haha.

Dress – Virtu

Belt – Autograph

Tights – Autograph

Booties – Autograph

{Some items in this post were gifted to me. For more information refer to my disclosure policy}

  • You look great! love the frock. I’ve been following for a while but haven’t commented before. Will come and introduce myself at Blogopolis 🙂

  • When wandering around the shops this morning was wishing I had a Suger Personal Shopper with me…you piece things together so well. I struggle to get it right 🙂

    • Thanks Gayel. Maybe one day we’ll shop!? Or enter the Mix styled by suger post. We’ll style you up no worries. Haha.

      • Sounds great! Styled By Suger might be just what I need.

  • river

    Love the dress!

  • Love this outfit! Your hair is looking amazing. Hehe, you censored your blackboard 😛

    • Ha! I absolutely did. Random stuff I write down that doesn’t actually warrant public sharing. And thank you! Loving it too. 🙂

  • Rhonda Hartman

    I love this outfit. I’ll have to file it away for next Autumn!

  • Bimba

    Looks not only comfortable but gorgeous!!

  • bimba

    Looking good!!

  • Darn I wanted to see the boots close up. (Photo insert, just a suggestion). I love layering, in Geelong it’s essential! I add thick purple stocking to an outfit to dress it down. However I also wear those to work LOL. Looks great. Love the comparision link to the different seasons. =)

    • I’ll see what I can do, re: the insert. I never seem to get close up enough photos.

      Thanks lovely. 🙂

  • Look at you skinny minny! You are looking really great Suger!
    I love the way you have transitioned this dress! I would wear this outfit in a heartbeat! *cough* 😉

    • Haha! Thanks Liv. And of course, I owe you a trade or two. You ask and it’s yours. You know, temporarily. 😉