Tupperware Addict Pic

What can I say, it's like crack to me.

Not thaaaat many people know that I was once a Tupperware sales lady. Officially titled a demonstrator. And a pretty crap one if I do say so myself. But I had one thing going for me. A love of the product. A love of amassing giant piles of the product, actually. I have two large cupboards full and often find myself thinking if only I had one more heat and eat… Or just one more fridge mate.

That’s where the addict bit comes in. Like there was ever any doubt. But what happened in the last month of Tupperware parties pushed me over the edge. Having attended a party or two and agreed to host one {free Tupperware, SQUEEEEEE} I promised Hubby, no more for now. I’d spent well into the two hundred region and times are tight in Suger’ville. No more I said. I’ll just go look. Famous last words.

Turns out. That didn’t work out so well. Three parties later we have three more orders coming. I attempted to hide the purchases from Hubby. Tucking the order slips deep into the depths of my bag. Careful not to rustle the paper too loudly in case he heard it. And say Liiiiiiiiiis, what’s that?

Because then I’d have to tell him. I’d never lie to him. Not more than the first accidental lie anyway. I tasted the taste of bitter-sweet success as I manged to stash order after order without comment. He has no idea I thought with glee. I’m such a super sneak. I’m so tricky. Ha.

I’m so gross actually! So I told Hubby. He knew, of course. He just assumed that the lure of the plastic was too much for me. He said sorry he hadn’t been there to help me through it. I told him he’s too nice and it makes me want to vomit sometimes. He agreed. So there you go, that’s my story. Yeah, yeah. We all have our thing. Stop judging me.

What’s your thing?

  • seasidechik

    I am totally a tupperaddict. But my kitchen is tiny and I don’t have room for it. And I think hubby would divorse me if I spent $300 on plastic…

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      Haha. Mine might soon too. Just sayin. 😉

  • Jos Parkinson

    I too was once a tupperware “demonstrator” I spent more than the money I made & had to double the size of my kitchen to fit it all in! I am off to another party next week & I haven’t been to one in a couple of years as my husband banned me for a little while. Ooooooooh, I do love the new range! You can bet your bottom dollar that I will hade my order form!  😉

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      It’s so darn addictive. And new colours push me over the edge. PLUS I almost bought a back of a car seat play try and hidey hole thing… I don’t even have back seats in my car! Madness. 😉

  • Deanwalker27

    You clearly have a problem

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      This is what I hear. 😛

  • I sneak fabric into the house. Hide it in my stash quietly and he’s none the wiser… although I did confess to my last purchase and took it out of my personal spending money for once. Ahem.

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      Sneaky little buggers aren’t we. Ha!

  • owlycat

    Yeah, I’m an addict too, there is always one more useful thing, and they come in such purdy colours now too, damn them! Step away from the party, nice and slow, give back the catalogue and go have a lie down before your pantry vomits copious amounts of coloured plastic at you for overfilling her! (Nice, understanding hubby too…)

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      Haha. This is EXCELLENT advice. It already drops onto the floor now. Goodness know what I’ll do with the rest when I get it. Eeek.

  • I have drawers full of tupperware and still I crave more. It’s quite ridiculous… x

    • Melissa Walker Horn


  • Mrs Woog

    Tupperware x

    • Melissa Walker Horn


  • Kel

    I run screaming in the opposite direction of tupperware parties, or anything like it. I just can’t get excited over plastic bowls. Needless to say, the tupperware we were given as a wedding gift has been handy.

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      So practical. Hmmm, don’t ever get lured in by the pretty colours and shiny surfaces? No? Just me then…? 😉

      • Kel

        If it’s shiny furniture/clothes/shoes/jewellery then absolutely – I can’t walk away. But as far as practical items, not so much. If it weren’t for other relatives and getting married I don’t know that I would have bothered even having crockery! LOL  We’d have to eat off the shiny dinner table.

        • Melissa Walker Horn

          Haha. Love this! Imagine explaining to visitors why they were eating of the shiny dining room table.

  • Thank god its not just me…

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      Oh heck no. There are plenty of us. Haha.

  • rambling mum

    I was also a demonstrator, then manager & drove a Tupperware Ford Territory until I left about 3 years ago. Had a MAJOR selloff at the time, still have way too much & am still selling bits that I have stopped using. LOVE Tupperware – many people don’t understand the addiction. I used to love doing the parties too – met some lovely ladies who are now friends. I haven’t been to a party since I stopped demonstrating. However, there is no such thing as too much Tupperware…………lol!

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      YOU HAD A TUPPER-CAR….! Woooooow. I’m not sure I could manage a major sell off. I’d probably cry. A big ugly cry too, not a delicate single tear one. 😉

  • I hide no I stash my Spotlight purchases, because there is never enough fabric or is there? I hide the receipts and leave said purchases in the car until he has gone to work and then neatly fold them into the fabric pile I already have, we went for something else completely the other day and every member of staff said hello to me….by name….I was soooo busted. I feel your pain I feel your pain 

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      Heehee. The staff busting you is SO funny. Nooooo hubby, I just hang out here a lot talking swatches, promise! 😀

  • I love Tupperware too, especially those lovely new tropical colours.
    What I don’t like is how expensive it is now, I can’t afford any of it.
    I buy my plasticware now from the reject shop. (I have some from Coles too).
    It isn’t as pretty, but it does the job well enough.

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      It IS expensive. But I figure, it bnreaks, I get new stuff. Problem solved. But that’s ok IF you have the money to invest in the first place. And 10 or 20 years to wait for it to break. 😉

  • Cinda

    I love Tupperware too! All of those lovely colours and in so any shapes and sizes. Tupperware just makes me want to be neat & tidy and stack everything away.

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      The colours are my favourite bit!!

  • My comment disappeared…….

    I love Tupperware too, especially the lovely new tropical colours, but I can no longer afford it. I buy my plastic ware from the Reject Shop these days. It’s not as pretty, but it does the job.

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      I can still see it! I even replied. Weird.