My weekend was jam packed with fun and friends. It started with coffee, then the races, then visits to Ben and Liv, home Sunday to Hubby and dinner at a local truck-stop for the biggest and best burgers in town. We left full to the eyeballs and smiling. That’s when you know life’s good. Hubby had put my camera in the car so we stopped off on the way home and grabbed some photos. Who cares if it was dark and we needed the flash, right? What matters is that I was layered to within an inch of my life against in the cold in a short dress with boots.

Hubby even said, if you’re cold enough for a cardigan AND scarf, maybe you should put some pants on.

Men. What do they know? Haha. Sure it was a little chilly but the weather’s been good here and really, the scarf was more of an accessory than a tool to keep warm. Plus when you end up in a restaurant {even a truck-stop cafe type restaurant} then there’s usually some heat on. So whatever, I’d been wearing this dress all day and the honest truth of it is that it was easier to layer on top of than to get changed. I’m sure you’ve done that before, right?

But now let’s get back to the important topic of the truck-stop burger. Think thick homemade beef patty with melted cheese on top, onions, beetroot, lettuce, tomato, SAUCE, an egg if you’re feeling greedy and mustard if you’re feeling a little spicy. AND all of that squished between fresh baked buns that squish down perfectly when you take that first bite. That’s life right there. That and chunky cut chips with salt.

There’s no way I was letting some bare legs get in the way of that. Would you?  

a plus size dress with boots outfit-2

a plus size dress with boots outfit-8

a plus size dress with boots outfit-5

a plus size dress with boots outfit-3

a plus size dress with boots outfit-7

a plus size dress with boots outfit-10

a plus size dress with boots outfit-4

a plus size dress with boots outfit-9

Cardigan – Autograph Fashion
Dress – Virtu {gifted}
Scarf – Autograph Fashion
Boot – Target {gifted}
Belt – from another dress



  • Rach aka stinkb0mb

    While you look FABulous – where are the pictures of THAT burger?! If you’re gonna talk lush food, you NEED to post pictures of said lush food, that’s non negotiable!! Guess you’re just going to have to go back, order another one, photograph the hell out of it and then eat it!!

    After all, you HAVE to keep your public happy ;;)


    • Thanks Rach! Gah. I didn’t even THINK about it for once. I just hooked right into it. It was GREAT. And don’t worry, in the name of blog content and keeping the people happy, I’ll go back. If I must. *insert martyr tone here* Haha.

  • Love that dress! And I am wondering the same thing about the burger pictures, lady.

  • Sarah Collins

    Man, that burger sounds SO GOOD. Lol, I love burgers though. Good thing I work at a burger restaurant!
    Haha, anyway. Love the colour of that dress, and the print on the scarf!

    • Haha. I know right!? I should’ve known people would want to see the burger. Blogger fail. Thank you Sarah.