varsity city chic acid wash denim skirt plus size-4

I’m okay with heels. Happy to wear them and often do but when the ‘powers that be’ said the humble sneaker was making a comeback in a big way I got a wee bit excited. Adding a sneaker to anything just makes it more relaxed, casual and cool. The more retro, the better. The more monochrome, the even better-er.

And do you know what goes perfectly with a great pair of sneakers? Other than everything. One of my favourite trends ever, sports luxe or just plain old sporty. It can be something obvious like this tank (this tunic as seen here) or is can be as subtle as a ribbed cuff on a jumper. Sneakers love sporty styling.

I found this skirt in the City Chic DFO store in Brisbane. It’s the perfect length and cut for me, and I can see it getting a lot of use in a number of ways in the future. I mean black denim acid wash, what is not to love? The contrast of the almost formal cut of the skirt with a casual (but hello structured) material makes me a happy girl indeed. It’s almost like I could wear this for work with a killer blouse and pointy shoes. You’re feeling me, right?

Until then, I’m going to bounce so you can check out the photos taken on the basketball court. Hence, the bounce thing. Sigh. Yes. That was Dad joke level lame. I’m not sorry; I’d do it again. Enjoy!

varsity city chic acid wash denim skirt plus size-2varsity city chic acid wash denim skirt plus size-7varsity city chic acid wash denim skirt plus size-3

Varsity Vest Tunic – Yours Clothing {gifted}
Acid Wash Denim Skirt – City Chic
Retro Sneakers – Adidas via eBay
Accessories – Various random spots, all cheap


varsity city chic acid wash denim skirt plus size-10

When it comes to sneakers, are you in or are you out? And Mr Suger, he’s adorable right? Work it. 

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  • I am so, so, SO in.

    This inspires me to start a weekly feature about sneakers. 😉 I have so many pairs!

    • Oh awesome! I do love a good weekly feature. Can’t wait. Send me a link sometime, ok?

  • Mel Watson

    Ahahahaha your husband is a crack up! I think he might even outshine you just a leetle bit there Mel lol! 😉 I am another lover of sporty luxe! As you know I have some wedge Nike sneakers that are being worn to death at the moment and I also recently bought a pair of jeans from Cotton on that are “sporty” denim joggers. Sooooo comfy! Also you always seem to rock a pencil skirt. I am pear shaped and would love to buy a pencil skirt but can’t seem to find one that looks good! Any tips?

    • He’s great, right? Love that dude. He’s ridiculous. So fun.

      As far as the pencil skirt thing goes, keep your eye on City Chic, normally their skirts don’t work for me because I don’t have hips and a butt. I find the stores that specifically cater to plus cater more to a pear shape.

      • Mel Watson

        City Chic! Can do! I often peer in the window but haven’t gone in, in a while! Thanks for the tip! =)

        • I hear you. It’s worth a look. I picked up this one from there but normally I find the sizing more generous around the hips.

  • I love sneakers! My feet are entirely the wrong shape for court shoes (too wide at the ball, too narrow at the heel – they either slip off my feet or give me enormous blisters) so sneakers are my ballet flats. Dunlop Volleys were my go-to shoe for years. Now I have a pair of turquoise and white trainers in the car for emergencies (they’re actually men’s shoes – size 7 – but you wouldn’t know).

    When I was little I had a pair of red high-top Converse-style sneakers. I loved them. I still kind of miss them.

    You know what else goes with sneakers? Chambray. Just sayin’ 😉

    • Ahhh yes, I love all my heels and ankle boots and such but I’m LOVING being in sneakers. So fun.

      Oh yeah, ALLLLLLLL over that. Did you see my instagram? 😉

  • Portia Walsh

    I love sneakers. I buy mine on sale from ASOS and the brand I love is New Balance – comfy, cute and good quality.
    I’ve been wearing denim skirts since the 70’s. I adore them., and I particularly adore the more structured styles. I keep a lookout for them all the time. This newish look of wearing them with sneakers couldn’t be more perfect for me. A casual look that isn’t grungey is something that I’ve done for years.
    I like the basketball shirt on you to complete the look. It suits your style.
    Well done on this one, Miss Sug.

    • My actual sneakers are NB, the ones I wear for the gym. So good. As are denim skirts. I usually like them short and a-line so this is a nice change. The sneakers are such a sporty look and everywhere are the moment so you can do it without feeling like a tourist. Haha.

      Thanks muchly. 🙂

  • Totally In. I love wearing flowy skirts or dresses and sneakers. I really love that skirt on you!

  • Love him! And I can totally see you wearing this skirt to work. Can’t wait for pictures.

    • He’s cool right? Haha. And yes! I’m looking into whether it’s going to be ok to sit in for that length of time. 😉

  • PLUS sneakers tend to be super comfy! I can’t seem to do Sport Luxe, but you pull it off sooo well! I’m loving that skirt on you and can’t wait to see you style it in other ways!

  • So not a sneaker person. I’ll wear them if I’m doing sneaker needing activities but never otherwise.

  • That skirt is fierce. I had no idea there was a City Chic at DFO either!

  • Nadine

    I recently bought a pair of converse in black.
    Granted I have only worn the 5 times but I’m loving them.
    I’m going to buy them in red and grey and possibly white next.

    • Yeeeeees! I’m on the hunt for the perfect black sneaker. I have my eye on some Nike ones but feel like that’s a lot to spend when I own a billion pairs of shoes already. 😉

  • BlondieInk

    I loooove sneakers! Particularly white chucks and a new pair I picked up from Wittner.

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  • Note K.

    Ahh this is such a cute outfit, especially for the skirts!