I’m excited. I hope you guys are too. Because tomorrow morning we kick off the 28 Days to a MORE Confident You post series. You can scoff if you like. It may sound like the most self helpie of self help style things. But I assure you, it’s not. It is, but it’s not. This will be practical things you can do every single day that will improve your confidence. Baby steps until one day we will finish the 28 days and you will have a new level of confidence FOR YOU. It won’t be about turning you into someone else, it’ll be about you, being a more confident version of yourself.

Every morning from now until the 28th you will have a morning post {6am Australian Eastern Standard Time} with a daily challenge to improve your confidence. I hope you’ll do the challenge and share your successes and your failures with us. You can share your experience in the comments section of each post. You can blog about it {there’s a button below}, share on Twitter or Instagram using the #ConfidentYou hash tag OR on our Facebook wall. However you want to join in is just fine by me. We’ll have ourselves a little Confident You community.

Before we get started though, let me explain why this post series, why now. When I started really getting into the plus size outfit photos, women would comment about my confidence. Say they wished they had it or some version of it. They would say they wished they knew HOW to have it. I heard it a lot. It wasn’t that I ignored it, I just didn’t really know what to do with that. Then in a conversation with Rach, I joked, that one day I’d make a boot camp program and whip her butt into shape! Confidence wise. Add one weekend at the ProBlogger training event and hey presto here we are.

It has occurred to me that I’m not really qualified to write this. I’m not a professional or trained in the area’s of behaviour. I’m just me. A real estate brat who accidentally fell into the world online and loved it so badly she taught herself the ropes. The one thing I have done is become a more confident version of myself. Through experience and through the experience of those around me who knew better. So I AM the person. I may not be able to make you THE MOST confident person out there. I certainly won’t cure you of those crisis of confidence moments every single day but I do know that you’ll become a more confident version of you.

So this is for you Rach.

And everyone out there who feels like their confidence is in the toilet. Or on the floor. Or maybe even just at waist height and could use a little lift. I know I say it a lot, but let’s DO this thing. See you all bright and early in the morning.

Hands up who’s excited!?


28 Days to a More Confident You post series is written by Melissa Walker Horn using personal experience and lessons from those that raised her, guided her and pushed her to be herself. You should speak to your health care professional regarding this series and the challenges within it if you have any concerns. The aim of these posts is to improve your quality of life, not diminish it in any way and therefore it may not be suitable for all readers. It’s your call ladies and gents, you know you best.

  • AWESOME! love it and so excited that i can get involved through so many different outlets… let the confidence grow! 🙂

  • Great idea! Who couldn’t use a little more confidence?

  • Brilliant idea! I’ve always admired your confidence. I’ve got a 30 course starting tomorrow, also spurred on by pbevent!

  • Jackie Brown

    Think it is a great idea and really looking forward to it, it was the Aussie Curves that helped me to accept that I am worth spending time, no matter what size I am.

  • I’m looking forward to reading these posts, and hopfully doing the challenges, too! If I do get involved, I’ll try to blog about it. 🙂 Thanks in advanced for doing these posts, it sounds like it’s going to be fun. 🙂

    • Thank you Jana! We’ll see you there when you can. And you’re so welcome. I’m sure it will be!

  • Cassandra (@ LittleOliverJ)

    I love this, I can’t wait to sink my teeth into it.

  • I’ll be up with sparrows so I’ll be looking forward to your first post.

  • Rach aka Stinkb0mb

    I’m beyond proud that we had that convo, that I was honest with you about how I felt about myself, my complete lack of confidence, body love and self esteem and that inspired you to go ahead and do this. I amd so god damn proud of you!

    I love you <3 and one day I'll meet you in person, you can kick my butt and I'll hug you in return, a real life squishy hug xx

    • Me too. I am so glad you planted the seed. So glad that I get a chance to share what I’ve learnt in this area and that it might make someone’s day roll along that little bit better. Let’s do this thing lady.

      Can’t WAIT for that hug. xo

  • I am needing a major lift at the moment.. this has come at the perfect time for me! Cant wait to start it, and embrace it! Bring it on! x

  • Love it! I’m excited…bigger than Big Kev excited. This is great. I’m up for the challenge. Bring it on! I’ll be part of your Confident You community for sure. See you in the morning! xo

    • Haha. Love it! Thanks Min you will be a valuable addition to the community I’ll see you here bright and early in the morning.

  • Can’t wait! I will have to remember that I’m on daylight savings time and not get too impatient for you to catch up bright and early in the mornings – Ha! 😉
    Also, thank you in advance for your generosity in sharing your knowledge and experineces… It’s an enormous thing you are doing & it already shows how many people you’re touching through your willingness to open up and share. x

    • Haha. True, true. I couldn’t post it any sooner or it would be HOURS until I was awake and able to participate. 😛

      Thank you. You’re so welcome. I got lucky in life, access to lots of great people, generous people. It wouldn’t be right not to share that. And the bumps I had along the way too, of course. Literally, there’s one story about me falling down some stairs.

  • I’ll do my best to join you!

  • Leisa Flanigan

    Looking forward to it 🙂

  • Nicole Davey

    Count me in 🙂

  • alliecat

    I’m in too! I can’t commit to a daily post, but I’ll be happy to play catch up! I am intrigued, bring on the bright and early first post!!

    • Thank you. Happy for people to join in when they can, and most of the challenges won’t take much out of your day. Keeping it simple. 😉

  • You my friend are a freaking legend xx

  • You awesomeness knows no bounds! x

    • I have the strangest urge to say, no you are… I blame Rah and Liz. But short version. Thank you. xo

  • Workingwomenaustralia

    There is so much to love about this! You’re an absolute superstar for sharing your wisdom xx

  • karen

    Nikki sent me. Love this idea, can’t wait!

  • How exactly do i get the messages ???

    • HI Hope, the easiest way will be to subscribe to the blog posts using rss or email {options are all in the sidebar}. Otherwise lots of people are following along on the Facebook page. Lots of choices so whatever works for you.

  • Cherie

    You’re a star Suger, a mega generous gem. You know how I detest saying it “but back in my day” we just had to get on with life as best we could … for the girls here to have you so willing to give and most of all listen is life changing and could be life saving too. I survived and now my confidence level is through the roof. So I wish you massive amounts of success. xo.

    • Thank you Cherie. A lot.

      You and your back in the day. Haha. Love it. Absolutely times are different. I was raised by a mother who was independent and unique, she must have been ahead of her time because she wasn’t always popular for it {I’m looking at you Gran}. But she gave me the space to be myself, outside of what woman was supposed to me. I’m oh so grateful for that.

  • Denyse Whelan

    Dear Melissa, thanks to you, I blogged..here tonight http://www.denysewhelan.com.au/?p=9603…but can’t get your link to 28 Days to a More Confident You to appear as an image ….Love Denyse x

    • I can’t wait to check it out Denyse. Thanks for trying, I’d stuffed up the code along the way, try the sidebar button grab now if you still need it. Sorry!

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