Today is the day I was officially announced as one of the Hello Blogger Events team. I’m the Queensland Event Co-Ordinator. Woot. You know me, I’ve stalked Hello Blogger Events events since they started. I’m proud as punch to be on board. This is what I love. People. Blogs. Lunch. So if you’re in Queensland and you think you’d like me to help you host a blog meet, drop me an email. I’m happy to help. It’s kind of what I do now. If you’re in other states Danielle can help {for now she’s overseeing the rest of the country}.

I’m even happier to announce the first ever Say Hello Workshop. And it’s in Brisbane. Woot. Score for us!

I will be speaking at the event too. I know, I know, it’s all about me, right? My topic is blog basics and identifying your niche. So if you have questions you’d like to see answered, leave them in the comments or email me. I’ll work in whatever I can squeeze in. Otherwise I’ll answer the rest here. I picture my topic being about starting your blog, finding your way around it, building your community and working out what your blog should be about. Plus the usual reader, social media and platform discussions.

So will I see you there? it’s not just for Queenslanders, maybe you would like to visit us here? Ok. Now, back to our regular programming!

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  • Beck @ Rambling Mummy

    Very Exciting!!! Wish I could get up there for workshop but just not possible this time.

    • I know, right!? So exciting. Sorry to hear you can’t make it this time. Enjoy that gorgeous Charli. And when you can, please do pop up and see us. I’d love to see that smile of yours in person again.

  • SQUEEEEE Congratulations to you, Lovey! You are an absolute perfect fit for this job 😉

  • Kym – Mumma’s Mini Mes

    congrats!! That is fab!