I woke up this morning and it was cold. A bit too cold. I had work a little earlier than normal so I sent a text to my sister saying go back to bed, I can’t go to the gym today. She was pretty darn glad. It was cold after all. So I pulled the doona up a little higher, checked that I still had time to lay in bed and called out to Hubby to turn on the air con. It went a little like this;

Hubby, are you there?

Hun, turn on the air con would you?

It’s cold, air con please!

Oh honey please turn the air con on, it’s coooooooold.

Babe, HEY, are you still here?


Hmmm, evidently not.


Stuff it. It’s not that cold, I’ll just get up later.


And so I did. I got out of bed later and went about my day. Being real estate fabulous whilst shooting off blog emails in my breaks. Super productive, that’s me. After ticking all the boxes, dotting all the i’s and doing that crossing thing with the t’s, it was lunchtime. Yes. Sunshine and food. Win.

Popping out to fill up my car, I was in about to pay for it when stuff started to go wrong. I searched for my buy stuff account card and it wasn’t there. We’d had a mix up with new cards where hubby had taken mine and I’d taken his. I’d asked him to swap them back. He hadn’t. Obviously and had only taken his. No card.

So I whipped out my new other bank, joint account card. A card that had to be cancelled because it got internet defrauded with the assistance of my Mother {no more card for you Mother!}. I stuck it in the chip reader, punched in a pin and was ready for it to do its thing. Declined. Incorrect pin. Dammit. The new card must have a new pin too.

Swear jar. I was pretty much stuck! 

In a moment of desperation I pulled out an old visa card. Hoping that it hadn’t been cancelled too. Hoping that it had money on the card. Hoping that the assistant would stop rolling her eyes at some stage so this crappy situation didn’t get any crappier. And like a magical moment sent from above, the card ran through and I walked back out into the cold cursing my Hubby and his casual’ness with MY card.

And then he was home when I got there. It went a little like this;

Hey babe, can you find my card, I just used a hundred year old Visa to pay for fuel because you didn’t put that card back in my wallet. Not happy man.

It’s there. He said. Did you check the wallet..?

Let’s just say, the next 45 minutes was a little tense as he turned the whole house, both cars and my {gasp} handbag upside down looking for it. Refusing to acknowledge that he screwed me on the card front. And it was found. But let’s just say that this was not a shining moment in our relationship. Especially that bit where he left without knowing at some point I would be cold and turning on the air con. He used to do it without asking.

Sigh, relationships are hard work.

  • Sass

    Oh honey, I so hear you today!
    I spent pretty much all night last night having those awful whisper screaming arguments with The Husband because he was careless with his words and hurt me so so much.

    Boys are stupid and dumb.


    • Melissa Walker Horn

      Ugh. Days like this hey! Hmmm, overrated. Big hugs to you. xo

  • stinkb0mb

    oh dear! i think all relationships go through phases where everything becomes :normal: and we forget to put the extra effort in and the sparkle um loses it’s shine!

    i’m currently experiencing the opposite. i’m really unwell, and so is Guv BUT i’ve looked after him for the past 3 weeks and now he’s on the mend, he’s going out of his way to tend to my every need – he even refused my offer to make dinner tonight because i’m so unwell and is insisting we get take out!

    lol @ Sass last line “Boys are stupid and dumb.” – yes they most certainly can be!

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      They do for sure. Right now we’re snuggled up on the couch having battled it out.

      I hope you both feel better soon. Nothing worse than being sick. So draining.

  • Deadset there is a need for husband school. It’s a shame we can’t performance manage them!

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      Haha. You’re the best.

  • Jane @ The Hesitant Housewife

      “Boys are stupid and dumb.” Couldn’t have said it better myself!! Am pretty sure if DH dares open his mouth again tonight I will tear off his head. Literally. Gah! Men!
    Hope tomorrow is a better day xx

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      For you both too. Days like this suck.

  • Rhonda – Silly Mummy

    Oh no, poor you. I hope you had a much better end of the day?

    I went to grab lunch today and couldn’t find my CCard. I searched my purse like a mad woman, only to find it behind my son’s photo a minutes later. I swear I had a mini heart attack.

    My mind was not there at all, stressing too much!

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      It all worked out ok in the end. Cards all returned to the rightful owners.

      You too. Nothing worse then a whoops where’s my card moment.

  • Oh dear, days like this suck. I think we all have our moments when we drop the ball or where we just annoy the shit out of each other. I wanted to strangle Mr BB when he got home tonight. He was being all sulky about dinner and I just didn’t care. Maybe I am a bitch…but he was being a brat. Hmph! 

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      Sigh. The brat days are THE WORST. Relationships are hard! Right? Haha.

  • Oh dear! Does your aircon have a timer so you can set it to turn on before you get up? Otherwise just race in and turn it on then race back to bed, which will suddenly feel much warmer,and wait for the warmth.
    On the cards/wallet thing, I’d say next time you’re putting cards back into correct wallets etc, check immediately or actually do it together, at the very least check your wallet last thing at night or before you leave the house. you may save yourself a lot of checkout chick eye-rolling.

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      It does have a timer, unfortunately when I try to use it it never works and I end up with middle of the day air con. 😉

      The card thing makes sense. I do hate the missing card thing and unfortunately around here it happens a little TOO often.

  • Oh hun, at least it turned into a blog post right? Think of the silver lining! I could write a million of these lately. Getting.On.My.nerves. Love him but he is hard work! 

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      Yeah, there’s that, for sure. Haha. 

      Tell Michael Suger said to pull his head in. 😉 

  • Sarah Tarrant

    argghh sounds like one of those “should have stayed in bed” days. Men are so stubborn some days right? 😛 lol.

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      Haha. Absolutely they are. Me, not AT ALL. 😉 

  • Sares

    lol now please don’t think i’m having a go *because i’m really not* but who turns on the aircon for him in the morning?!
    We just recently had a heater “thing” in our house too. We live in Melbourne and our ducted heating doesn’t have a timer so the in-and-out of bed sprint to turn it on 15 mins before getting up is mandatory. So anyway the Mr is normally obliging but a week or so ago i noticed the request was met with a semi groan and i realised – maybe he’d like to have the heater turned on for him some mornings too. So i started getting up without saying a word some mornings – WELL HE LOVES IT!!! hey sometimes it’s just the little things 🙂

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      I know you’re right Sares. Absolutely. My hubby deserves the air con turned on for him too. Thanks for the reminder. You’re a good egg. 🙂