But it didn’t. This page was open from about 6pm last night. I’m typing these words at almost 11pm. Preparing them so they can be scheduled for the morning. A nice little welcome, good morning type post. But you see I got a little distracted by TV. By making nice with my husband. By twitter and facebook. And finally by the Jubilee concert. Kylie’s singing in the background at the moment. It feels like she’s bee singing for AGES. The Britts really love love Kylie, huh?

I was hoping that when I opened this page a post about life and love and fun times would fall on out of my brain and onto the keyboard. I really wish that witty, inventive writing just feel out of me. Sometimes I’m lucky and it just happens. Other times it goes a little like, oh hi brain, what do we have to say today? Not much says the brain. What about you random voice my head..? Hmmm, not much at all says the random voice in my head.

Not very helpful that bunch. At all.

Usually something happens or a memory is triggered. I think, uh huh! By joves I think she’s got it. A story is written, a moment captured. And sometimes I see an ad on TV for the new Big Brother on WIN and I think holy heck what the freak were they thinking… Isn’t WIN like a Nana station? And I’m going to call it early and say that the whole BB {see, I’m up with the cool kids slang} thing has had its run and is pretty much over. Mark my words.

And that’s about it. That’s all she wrote. For now anyway. I’ll keep my fingers crossed something a little more interesting happens tomorrow. i could always pick a fight with my husband again, or fall off the treadmill at the gym?

Where do YOU find inspiration for your blog?

  • Sares

    Haha speaking of, and i feel daggy admitting this, but how good was the Jubilee concert – Elton John, Stevie Wonder, Paul McCartney etc.
    Oh & it soooo made me ache to be in London right now. Between the Jubilee & the Olympics you can feel the energy of the place coming through the screen… sigh.

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      It was pretty fab! I started watching it only about half an hour before Kylie started. So good. I looooves me some Elton John. 

      And CANNOT WAIT for the Olympics. I’m working afternoons instead of mornings so I can watch all night and sleep in. Committed. That’s me. 

  • I have a blog schedule written up a month in advance. I don’t always stick to it – but it helps when when I am stuck. I often end up going with a different idea…but the schedule helps me when I am in a bind. I usually collate the material for the scheduled blog posts all in one day so I have the pretty boards or thoughts waiting in the sidelines for days when I simply can’t think of anything to say. Or don’t have the time to write a post. 

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      Sigh. This WAS me. Until I stared working Saturdays which were my big writing day. Back to normal now and hoping to at least have a week or tow of virtually finished posts ready to go. I do reschedule them around a lot though. Do you do that?

  • stinkb0mb

    i don’t *sigh* which is why i haven’t blogged since april the 8th! i really must do something about that….maybe.

    sorry i’m no help 🙁

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      Haha. No problem lovely. You’ve bounced back from droughts before with impressive skill and humour. Looking forward to it.