this morning - suger coat it

This morning, blissfully unaware I am being watched, I stroll back and forward to the bathroom. Times like these I miss my old house and its ensuite. But oh well, we adapt. My bedroom sits atop the lounge room, a mezzanine sort of thing, with about five stairs to take you to the upper bedroom level.

As part of my morning routine, I loiter the top story of my house in underwear with music blaring. My current album of choice, Human by Rag’n’Bone Man, requires a lot of singing along. And we all know that singing is better the louder you can push it out.


Realising my bras were all downstairs in the laundry, damn it, I grabbed my t-shirt dress of the day to head downstairs. Pretty comfortable with the whole naked in my house thing, I started to make my way to the laundry. Topless. Music continuing to blast from my iPhone.

Rounding the corner of the split staircase, I caught sight of a man in high vis and let out a deep, raspy half scream, half what the actual fuck. Shit. Panic rushed through my veins and I thought how ridiculous it is that I’m going to be fighting for my life in my underwear.

Until, a familiar voice questioned soothingly, if I was okay.

Kel was there, home to grab some supplies, apparently. He had called out to me, apparently, and I hadn’t heard him (entirely possible). With my heart pounding in my ears and my dress still clutched to my chest, I made my way downstairs to get dressed. Shit, I mumbled, such bullshit, I need a coffee.

I don’t know about you guys, but a fright like that beats a 30 minute cardio session any old day of the week. I’m pretty sure my heart was beating, my body on high alert, for hours afterwards. Panic apparently burns calories, so I had an extra-large coffee and a croissant for breakfast and called it square.

When was the last time you got a fright? Was it a real or imagined threat?

  • Tracey Bradshaw

    I often wander naked when I’m home alone or it’s just the two of us sans kiddos…
    My most recent fright was actually today. Our new house is pretty big and I am strict with keeping doors locked when I’m home alone. I was upstairs reading at about 2.30 this afternoon and thinking I had an hour or so to potter around and get dinner organised before my 16 year old got home from school. I thought I heard a noise downstairs and assumed it was one of the cats, then I heard another noise and thought it sounded much more like a person moving around than one of our kitties. I did that thing where you hold your breath and try and get your heartbeat to shut up for a second so you can listen even closer…. my heart was in my throat by this stage and then I heard a door open. There was DEFINITELY SOMEONE in our house. I dialled 000 into my phone then walked to the landing and called out “who’s in my house”? Ready to hit the green button as soon as I heard another noise. I was trying to be brave but I thought my heart was going to pound out of my chest, then master 16 called out “hi mum, it’s me”!
    I forgot that he finishes early on Thursdays, because he usually stays back at school and does homework. To top it off, he came in quietly (which he NEVER does) because he thought I might have been having a nap… so that’s my cardio for the week plus I’m glad it wasn’t a burglar and I wasn’t naked 😂

    • Haaaahahahaha. OMG. The best! Thanks for sharing this, gave me a heck of a laugh.

  • Helmut Sauerbrei

    Hallo Melissa, danke für Deine lieben Nachrichten und Bilder.Es ist immer wieder schön von Dir aus der Ferne Post zu bekommen. Ich grüße Dich ganz herzlich und wünsche Dir und Deiner Familie ein schönes Wochenende