But who probably should have mowed the lawn today. And got food prep done for the week ahead. Someone who slept an hour on the couch this afternoon and who watched Money Ball for the second time in 24 hours. This is someone who went to bed at two and woke up at eight to go to the markets with her camera. And then forgot to take the camera into the markets. That same person wandered through the aisles of what is a substantially larger markets having a mental argument over whether or not to go back and get the camera from the car. This someone, didn’t go back. This someones husband just got home after working 14 hours again today.

So this is someone who is signing out. Hope you had a fab Sunday.

{more about the photo above later this week, they’re for a post}

  • Tabitha

    Pink stripes and turquoise necklace. I just died. LOVE IT x

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      Thanks! Hope you’ve recovered ok. It’s my new thing. Trying to incorporate colour. 

  • Cute look! I liked Moneyball too, but not twice in 24 hours.

    Go get your work done! x

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      Thanks. It’s a bit of a wanky photo, but heck, that’s what you get for posing with a hat. 😉 

  • Deanwalker27

    I have to say re the top….Stripes is one thing but 2 different sized stripes on the one top messes with my head (prob my eyes)… i know you have this in a million colours but it hurts…LOL Just sayin’
    see ya at lunchtime…

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      Haha. Stripe shirts hurt your eyes. I’m not surprised. I wear so many of them. It’s probably damaged your brain.

  • lisa | renovating italy

    This is someone who cracks me up…. I thought I was the only one who left things behind!!!

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      Oh heck no. I leave my camera in the car all the time. What really annoys me is when I leave a freshly bought coffee in my car, walk the block to work then realise! Gosh.