Often I’m asked how I maintain the post schedule that I do. Maintain the commenting, the interacting and the replies to emails and comments. All the stuff that makes a blog interactive and growing. The answer freaks most people out. Seriously, this is not a small job. So you’ve been warned, this post may not be for you if the idea of post schedules and blogging plans make your stomach turn.

Look away now my friend, save yourself.

So, you’re still here. So you are either interested or curious enough to stay around. Ok great, here we go;

Writing posts

Sometimes it is necessary to write and write and write when you feel it. Some weeks I am really feeling it. I could easily write five or six posts a day and have lots and lots to share. I just save them in draft and keep on writing while the moods takes me. It helps out on the week’s where all I have to do is work and the writing mojo is just about gone. Write posts when you can. Write as many of them as you can. Then publish them as you need them. Some will never get published. That’s ok too.

Scheduling your time

Now this one may be easier said then done. But scheduling your time is essential. Just like making the time to cook decent food for your family, or to work out at the gym making time to work on your blog is important. You need to decide when that is. For me, it’s post workout most afternoons and every Saturday morning. I take outfit photos on Wednesday {unless we are going somewhere or I have some saved up}. It might not always work out, but at least you know when the time has been pout aside to do whatever.

Interacting on social media

I interact on social media in blocks of time. Unless all my work {blog or otherwise} is done, then I do what I want. It can be such a great place for generating content ideas and for building relationships. More and more readers will comment using platforms like Facebook or Twitter and you have to be ready to answer them. So be interactive and present when you are there and go away when you just can’t muster the energy.

Replying to emails

Just like in my working life I have a 48 hour turn around on my emails. I like to think it’s more like 24 hours. But I try to never let emails get more than 48 hours old before answering them. For me, it’s a business rule that works. And for my blog some days that’s easy. Some days it can still be light on. Other days, it isn’t. Other days I have up to 50 emails that NEED a response. So I work fast and reply in a block.

Replying to comments

I reply to everything. Even if it is just to say, thank you. I love having my comments acknowledged so of course I offer the same to my reader. But seriously, it’s about acknowledgement. Simple.

Blogging to a plan

This one goes either way for me. I have a loose schedule. Saturday morning’s are blogging posts. Monday, Wednesday and Friday are fashion posts. The rest is a free for all. I know bloggers who have fixed topic for every day of the week and this works for them. Go with what works and do what suits you and your blog’s content.

The other side of this is HAVING a plan for your blog. Where is it going? What’s the point? This idea was first floated for me by ProBlogger’s idea of a 1, 3 and 5 year plan for your blog. Sure, this might not be for everyone but just like anything else in life, unless you know where you are going, how will you know you have arrived? Set some goals and targets. Break it down into how to achieve that. Even if it is as simple as ‘be featured on insert fabulous blog name here’s blog’ or ‘work with insert fabulous companies name here’. Get clear about where you’re going and soon enough, you might find yourself there.

Taking time to pitch

I was talking to some Blogger’s yesterday who have always been approached by the brands that want to work with them. Me, I run things the other way. While I love to be contacted and offered relationships, I contact brands directly and ask them about their online strategy and if they are working with bloggers or have a presence on social media. We go from there to work out a campaign or relationship that works. So making the time to send those emails, make the contact and to develop relationships is important. And the final cherry on the awesome pie that is your blog.

So there you go. That’s how I do it.


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  • It makes me tiiiiiired!

    • At 30 something weeks, everything is going to make you tiiiired. 😛
      You should have looked away. Haha.

  • You’re on it! This is a blog business in action. It so comes down to priorities and if you’ve made your blog business a priority then all of the above should be factored into your life. I love the last point you make about being proactive with your pitches – that’s where you will make the most meaningly blog-brand relationships.

    • Thank you Nikki. It absolutely does. For me, this blog is one of my priorities. So I make time.

  • I suspected I should have looked away. I was too curious not to read on. Wow, I love that you work it. I invest a lot of time, but it never feels enough or productive enough. I think the 1, 3 and 5 year goal plan is something I’ll do… as soon as I make another coffee. Impressed with your schedule and love that there is always something fabulous here to enjoy. You rock Melissa.

    • Haha. Thank you Jeanie. Enjoy your coffee and inventing something exciting in your plan!

  • You are a wealth my friend. I’m always trying to work on and towards a system that works for me. I try to be realistic though with two little ones who a growing and changing fast. Then of course I go throwing studying into the mix recently and I’ve still got my shop side of things I’m trying to make a go of and build. I know I can do it all as well as the family thing, it’s just about finding the right mix. But gee I’d love someone to set me straight where to start.

    • Thank you Trudie. You start by getting a calendar or diary and start blocking out time. A bit here and there. Start with the must do, followed by the want to do. Family, work, store, blog, exercise, time out etc etc. And as a bit of a bonus tip, I once had a coach tell me that I should schedule free time/spontaneous time so I could do what I wanted in a week of back to back scheduling.

  • Lisa @ mummymanifesto

    Thanks Melissa I have just started blogging and after reading this post I realize I need to be more structured and see the bigger picture for the longterm. Also good advice in relation to the time management factor. I tend to either do a blog post or do social media/comment on other blogs – never at the same time which might explain a few things. Great kick in the bum for me! Thanks for sharing.

    • You’re welcome. If you want to blog for business {or have your blog be a business and grow your audience} then absolutely be more structured. Don’t forget to have loads of fun too. 😉

  • Great post babe, just the kick in the bum I needed.

    • Excellent! And you and I need to talk. you up for a makeover challenge? I have celeb week coming up next week for Aussie Curves. I could use your expertise… 😉

      • Do you even need to ask… love to when are you back? Let me know when your free for a cuppa

        • Inbox me your mobile number. It was a one day trip to Sydney, I got back last night. YAY. Talk soon. Did I mention YAAAAAY!?

  • Lisa Barton-Collins

    You are an inspiration.

  • mumabulous

    Thanks so much Melissa. As a newbie blogger I really, really appreciate this type of advice. I’ve been hacking away at Mumabulous now for about three months and am shocked by the amount of work that goes in. Some people think that the Woogs, Baby Macs and Edenlands of the world are making “money for nothing”. It is soo not the case.
    Keep blogging away. We love your work.

    • Thank you Mumabulous. It is work if you wish to monetise or professionalise your blog, for sure. Nothing comes for free, no matter what people on the outside looking in think. My parents thought me that. It always makes me sad that people assume an easy ride.

  • Seana Smith

    Ah this is very motivating. I’ve just had a new design done and feel so much clearer on what my blog is and isn’t. I posted every day last week and would love to keep that up… but was a bit manic last week and got masses done but got burnt out!

    • Oh yes! I say to people when I design their blogs that they will either get lots done or nothing {because they are just looking at it. Haha}. If only we could bottle that manic energy. Take some time, start some posts and see where that momentum takes you. Good luck! 🙂

  • Maxabella

    I don’t plan, but I definitely write in blocks. I add extra posts in if the mood strikes, but generally they’re in the folder ready to go if not already scheduled.

    I have never replied to comments. I know that makes me the ultimate slacker, but it was something I didn’t have time for in the beginning and certainly don’t have time for now. I reply on Village Voices comments and I actually really love it… but it’s that time thing again.

    I don’t get many bloggy emails. I think over the years I’ve scared off most of the PR gals and people generally do not seem to want to reach out to me via email (unless they are emailing me to tell me that I suck for not replying to comments, etc). I wish I got more emails from bloggers, but there you go…

    Facebook makes me tired and Twitter makes me run for the hills. I pin. I pin wherever I go.

    • I’ve recently discovered pinning properly. Well, maybe not properly but obsessively even though I’ve had my account for ages. Those poor people who follow my boards. Eeeek.

      It’s absolutely a time thing. Replying to comments is fun and important for engagement sometimes. For you, who get a billion, you’re going to have to put aside a serious block to reply to them all, so it’s a cost/benefit type thing.

      I’ll email you, would you like that?

      • Maxabella

        You know I would! x

  • Tonya, The Crafty Mummy

    Love to hear your routine, Mel!

    I need to remember to write when the urge hits and make the most of that. I seem to have some weeks where I have no time or inspiration at all, and I find myself thinking “I wish I had blogged more last week when I was on fire!”.

    • Thanks Tonya.

      I think so. The writing is better and less forced and you enjoy it more. Go for it.

  • sheribombblog

    I’ve only just come to the realisation that I don’t want my blog to be what I thought I wanted it to be. I always think big and don’t do things by halves so had been shooting for the stars, trying my best and wondering how and when I would get there. But I have only just realised I don’t want that at all. Couldn’t do that. It would do my head in! I remembered why I started blogging around the same time that I almost achieved my ultimate goal! I started out blogging to get my writing noticed in the hopes that I could get published in kustom kulture magazines. A year and a bit on and my brag page has a looooong list of national and international magazines I’ve now been published in however there was one US magazine in the beginning that I thought ‘man, if I can get published in there I’ve REALLY made it’. Well, last week I found out I’ve got a 4-page feature in its sister magazine!!! Not quite the ultimate goal but veeeeeeery close! It has given me a boost, the motivation I need to keep going and aiming for that ultimate. SO exciting!

    • You had made it and you didn’t even realise it. Don’t you hate that. Your blog is an amazing, inspiring, beautiful and beautifully written place. Forget the rest and hold onto that. Running your own race is important too you know.

  • Thanks for the feedback Laura, I might make that next Saturdays blogging post. And regarding the design stuff, check under the category blog building on my sidebar, there are some post there that may help if you are on Blogger.

  • www.thefifowife.com.au

    thank you for sharing! Thank you xxD