Bye bye perfection.

I’ve been doing some reading around the old interwebs. I was looking for some advice and a little bit of a scare to get my back into gear in relation to cutting out the booze and caffeine. Turns out there are a LOT of foods/drinks/random things you should eat/drink/take while trying to get pregnant. Who knew? Well, I could have guessed, but it made for interesting reading anyway.

Especially the article that mention that it was a good idea to stop taking the pill if trying to get pregnant, silly me, I thought that would’ve been a given. Any waaaaay. Here is the list so far, go anything to add?

  • caffeine
  • alcohol
  • smoking
  • drugs
  • some prescription drugs
  • energy drinks
  • sugar
  • refined flour
  • artificial sweetners
  • fish
  • processed meats
  • soya bean
  • soya products
  • wieners {HA! Really, I would’ve thought that would be essential in some regards?}
  • peanut butter
  • spinach
  • eggs
  • soft cheeses
  • chocolate
  • candy
  • soft drinks
  • diet pills {surprise surprise}
  • Anything with too much vitamin A, C or D
  • seafood

No really, I kid you not. And the lists of foods YOU SHOULD eat are even longer. And sometimes cross over. Holy heck my brain is going to explode. Maybe no more Googling the phrase ‘Things NOT to eat while trying to get pregnant’ and more kicking the booze and caffeine to the kerb. You think?

And seriously, what the heck am I going to do without SPINACH!?

  • Talia Carbis

    I guess SOME of those things hell out you in good health? But it’s not like you can’t get pregnant at all when you do those things. People get pregnant from boozy one night stands for goodness sake… :-/

    When I was pregnant I tried to research a lot of the WHY can’t I/should I have this food & then make my own list!

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      Sounds like a good idea. At least if you know why, it makes sense! 

  • My Vintage Vow

    Without a doubt giving up booze, smokes and drugs is obvious and in my opinion essential.
    But in all honesty honey don’t get yourself into a spin about what is on one list and the other doesn’t. If you’re doing your best to eat well and healthy like anybody should be. Whole foods, fruits, veg, grains and all the other good stuff your right. For every article there is out there that says don’t eat peanut butter for example there’s another saying it’s fine.

    But then there is always the thought process and theory that if you follow everything that is on a particular article at least you know you’ve done everything you can. Like so many other things during this trying to conceive times, pregnancy, birth, parenting and after…it’s all about personal choice. Your body, your choice.

    Sorry long winded reply.

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      My point exactly. It’s madness. Obviously there are no clear answers. But it’s a good idea to set myself something that feels like doing the right thing. time to clean up my diet in general I think. Been a little lazy lately and it’s starting to show. 

  • stinkb0mb

    pft i say ignore the list and just focus on the really obvious ones – smoking, alcohol, sugar and limit your caffeine. as Talia said, people get knocked up from boozy one night stands, drug addicts get knocked up, obese people who eat everything in that list and then some get knocked up.

    personally i think no one knows what helps people get pregnant because what works for one, doesn’t work for another etc and it’s obvious that the things that are bad for our health in general won’t be good for us while trying to get pregnant or staying pregnant.

    stuff the list and just eat clean, with the odd treat 😉 that way you get to live a little as well!!


    • Melissa Walker Horn

      Naaaaw, I just love a good list. But this is great advice. Back to decaf I go. 

  • I agree with stink0bomb, cut back on the nasties like alcohol and drugs, give up smoking altogether, eat whatever you like in moderation.
    I would suggest checking your supermarket/pharmacy shelves for pre-pregnancy vitamins though. They contain things such as folates which help to prevent conditions such as spina bifida. Also google foods containg folates and eat more of the ones you like if you prefer not to take the vitamin pill variety. Strawberries are high in folate.

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      I take a vitamin. The Blackmores Conceive Well GOLD. The GOLD part is important I think. Haha. I take so much that when Blackmores contacted me for a partnership on the blog how could I say no! They tossed in a box of CW GOLD with the pack I received. Nice of them. 

  • rinniez13

    Hmmm interesting. Have you googled why not to eat spinach? I’d have thought keeping your iron levels up would be good for you and bub.
    I think new and expectant and women who are trying to get pregnant are just bombarded with information and so much of it contradicts one another. Perhaps, it would be easier on everyone if they read a little less and let their body relax and perform the task it is naturally built to do. Stress causes huge problems in all areas related to pregnancy and freaking about everything you put in your mouth is not going to keep you calm.
    I lived with an obstetrician gynacologist for a year and throughout her entire pregnancy (i was the nanny) and she drank the occasional glass of wine during pregnancy, and only realy actively avoided seafood, which i found interesting (obviously she also didnt smoke or do drugs – those are no brainers!)

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      I think it was too much iron? But heck, who can be sure. I assumed the same thing about iron and other vitamins. But apparently too much is a bad thing. My Dr had always says that if there are too many vitamins you’re body just expels them. Except iron. 

      Interesting indeed! 

      • Sam-o

        And Vitamin A.

        • Melissa Walker Horn

          Which one is A? {Where do you find A?}

  • Sam-o

    I went with my OB’s list. Luckily both my IVF OB and regular one were in agreement.
    You do, of course know reduce/eliminate stress is on the top of the list? ;P

    Pick a list or make up your own and stop stressing about it!!And remember there are people breaking these “rules” daily, everywhere around the world and not having any notable bad outcome. 😉  I have a friend who just announced on Facebook that lots of NYE alcohol makes you pregnant!

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      Maybe I need you to send me that list. Three for three is the most agreement ANYWHERE on the internet. Haha.

      I know, I’m ok. That’s why I left my job last year. Holy cow. I felt like I was on the edge the whole time. Not conducive to life, let alone baby making.

  • Calendar Brain

    Shouldn’t you be googling the things to eat? Have you considered visiting a nutritionist/dietitian? My mother swears blind that it helped my cousin fall pregnant……of course have I been to one yet? No that is a story.
    Although I don’t have any PCOS I have tried the Low-Gi handbook 12 week diet thing. It may have worked….didn’t last but that could be because of something else. I also like the CSIRO wellbeing II cause it is like a list.
    Long live the list……..
    In the mean time I’ll try to keep eating walnuts (really blah to eat)

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      Both lists pretty much appear together. the to eats are like Trudie said, whole grains, veggies etc etc. The do not eat was a lot more entertaining and conflicting.

      I haven’t been to a nutritionist, I’ll take a look into it. My plan now is to eat a whole heap of fresh, real ingredients.

      • Calendarbrain

        I’ll shall join you on your plan. I’ve fallen of the healthy food wagon. Clearly our bodies are like a glass carriage which are impacted by our choices……grrr to those that can have drunken nights out and look at their partners and have a baby.
        Maybe you could review all the different services available/suggested in the journey to pregnancy. Massage, acupunture, nutritionist, natropath. For me it is all about how I click with the person.
        Sorry cant remember my password to sign in

        • Melissa Walker Horn

          Any excuse to for a bit of healthy eating is always a good thing. That might be interesting. I’ve got a natropath. Love her. Stopped going a while back because the report card was always the same. All clear, no reasons here. Sigh. 

  • Kyliemaywalker

    I take it you haven’t searched what Kelvin should and shouldn’t eat yet cause it is just as long just to confuse you all the more and if blackmores have the men’s vitamin for healthy sperm get a supply of that one menevit is good but expensive the thing I found hardest was not using ibroprufen when trying to conceive and while pregnant as it effects baby’s lung development quite significantly – this was a big one for me didn’t rrise how reliant I was on over the counter drugs

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      So I shouldn’t just feed Kel ladies multi-vitamins. Haha. Thanks Kylie, all great tips. xox

  • whiningattheworld

    Wow. I think that list has grown since last time I saw one like it. I think it was avoid processed meats, soft cheeses, soft serve, seafood and of course alcohol and smoking. Oh and decrease caffeine.

    What’s wrong with flour?

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      No idea. Like Talia said above, a little more research into why and then I’ll make up my own mind. 

  • It can bet a bit crazy, can’t it? I think I worked on the theory that there are people all over the world who have pregnancies where they eat all kinds of stuff and they are still fine. In the end I tried to just be sensible and cut out only the foods that I could find a medically proven reason to remove. Which wasn’t that many foods!

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      True. And if I wasn’t desperate {in some ways} I wouldn’t be clutching at these straws. But I want to mentally feel like I’ve done everything. A bit like Trudie said above. Tick the boxes and dot the i’s. 

  • Vitamin A:- carrots; eggs; fish liver oils; melons; spinach; sweet potatoes; tomatoes; and I think raisins.
    Don’t forget a daily dose of apple cider vinegar with honey.

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      Ok, thanks River. 

      I won’t. Hubby takes his every night for stomach complaints. Along with our selections of vitamins. We really should rattle and swoosh. 😉 

  • Sarah Owen-Green

    My experience – don’t ‘try’ to fall pregnant… Just have loads of fun (wink, wink) with hubby, do and eat what you would normally (in moderation obviously) and above everything else, don’t think (read:stress) about falling pregnant and it will happen 🙂

    • Melissa Walker Horn

      After three years of this. I’m not so sure that’s going to work for me. Luckily, I still very much enjoy my husband. Wink wink. We’re one of the lucky ones in that regard. I think it’s going to take a little try from us now and we’re ok with that. 

      • Sarahowengreen

        Sorry if I offended in any way Melissa – I was just putting my personal experience out there, which I should be more mindful of when I don’t know someone’s history. All the best 🙂

        • Melissa Walker Horn

          Oh you didn’t, I get you were sharing what has worked for you. But thank you. I assumed you might not have known.

  • Craftea Chic

    Well my Dr didn’t know that caffeine could affect your chances til she read some brochure she was giving me….and then a friends midwife told her she could drink up to 5 cups of coffee a day while she was pregnant…… sooooooo who knows! I’m trying to decide if I give up coffee totally or just cut it down more, or switch to decafe, in preparation for starting fertility treatments…. they say it can take up to 3months for what ever changes you make to affect your eggs/fertility so gotta stick at good plans for a while! xo

    • I was all over the caffeine thing thanks to the interwebs, but most people are like, errr, what? Haha. Who knows. I think whole, healthy food, everything in moderation is the only thing you can. The rest is just more stress none of us needs. But it makes for an entertaining post though. 😉

      • Craftea Chic

        Yeah definitely don’t need extra stress! Everything in moderation seems to be the key 🙂