So I painted my nails yellow last night. They were yellow. Like this;

The paint on the middle nail in my right hand peeled off. Like a little fake nail just sitting there on my couch. That never happens to me. I was annoyed. I usually get a week or something at LEAST before I have to touch up. So given this mood, I decided not to paint the finger nail back yellow, I painted it pink. And it looked very much like this;

And I said to hubby, hey, check this, it’s an Up Yours manicure proudly displaying my middle, now pink, finger. Take that cheapo yellow polish. Up Yours. And then I did what all good bloggers would do and I wrote this post. Even going as far as to take some photos this morning to specifically demonstrate. After all I am committed to hard hitting, serious content around here folks. Seriously.

Do you think you’ll try the Up Yours manicure?

  • I am SO jealous. The yellow looks great on you! I tried it recently and it looked terrible on me.

    I have, however, enjoyed purple, orange, dark blue and a coral red.

    You know, one fingernail painted a different colour is so hot right now, although it’s usually the fourth finger (from what I can gather)! Not for me…but the yellow and pink looks fab!

    • thanks Jodie. I can’t wear green. Weird. Haha. Trust me to get the wrong finger. So very me. The failed trendsetter.

  • love it!!!

  • LOVE it!
    A dirty big pink up your’s? How am I not wearing this already?

  • Ah Suger, love how you make me laugh 🙂

  • You’re such a trend setter. Hey if you have to flip someone the bird you might as well do it with flare, and on trend; don’t you think?

  • river

    Love the pink, it’s a lovely shade. And I’m jealous now that your nails are longer than mine.

    • It’s a gorgeous colour the pink. It’s Revlon Sweet Tart. I have the matching lippie. 😉

      Haha! For now. I always seem to be breaking one or catching the side and pulling it off. Grrr.

  • My yellow that I have has done that too! I LOVE the crazy neon shade it is, but it’s probably one of my worst polishes. I still go back and use it, I guess in hope that it work better ‘this time’.

  • Ha ha thats funny – I’m having visions of people giving trendy ‘flippers’ everywhere 🙂

    • Haha. I only wish it had lasted longer. The remainder of the yellow polish peeled off in no time. Sigh. Might have to try again with another colour though. 😉