Well, it has been over two months now since blogger broke my heart and forced me out the door. And I thought I’d write a little review post. Not, yet another Blogger vs WordPress post, but a post about my experience changing over. A change over I never planned to make. My blog is a personal/lifestyle blog, not a saleable asset, so I had no intention of taking it somewhere so technically complicated as WordPress.

Things I love, now I’m here;

  • The editorial calendar, scheduling posts has never been easier {not that it didn’t take ages to work out why posts were not delivering properly, turns out my time zone was set wrong!}. I use it all the time, especially for Friends of Suger and give away posts.
  • The ease of the embedded comment system.
  • The WordPress app is all kinds of awesome. I can reply to comments, check the stats and post {easily!} from my phone or iPad. Simple.
  • If I can think of it, there’s probably an app out there that can do it!
  • Turns out, once you get used to it, it’s not that much more difficult than Blogger. the technical stuff is, the posting isn’t.


Things I miss about Blogger now that I’m here;

  • The community of people. I feel a little more out on my own here. It could be in my head, by my Blogger blog always had more comments.
  • The inserting a million photos at once thing. If there’s a way to do that in WordPress without it ending up a gallery, I’d love to know.
  • I’m in charge of security here. That worries me. Like, every day.
  • The change your background image function. Sigh. I miss having a background SO bad and am still to learn how.


So there you go. As plan as I can put it. I miss my Blogger friends, they simply don’t visit as much any more. But I love my new home, I finally have a design I like and WordPress seems to rank better in page view type things. Does anyone know why this is? Is it because Blogger doesn’t own the first half of the url?


So, tell me, Blogger or WordPress for you, and why?



  • loulou

    Hi Miss Suger

    I love (I really mean LOVE) your new blog.

    I am with blogger currently as you know.

    I think you got it right, spot on, don’t change a thing kind of layout and design and it is so unique to your ethos. (you don’t need a background 🙂

    I think – life is busy though – it might explain the blogger friends not visiting as much anymore but there will be a way worked out – there always is a solution.

    Have a wonderful day,

    loulou, hereiamloulou blog 


    • Thanks Loulou. Me too. It’s finally very me around here. And the fun part is, I have a a friend who is telling me how to do the background thing! WOOT.

      Thank you. This is just lovely. I appreciate every word. xo

  • I am new to the blogging world and after reading reviews chose to use WordPress. I must say I always get envious of the look of other blogs and they seem to be on Blogger. I am finding it daunting using WordPress…at this point I am a very basic user. Thank you for your post…I think I should just be happy to stick with WordPress and get in and explore it some more.

    • I found Google to be my best friend. Almost everything I needed to know was online. Somewhere. Or I asked twitter. Begged for assistance. Haha.

      Good luck. Hang in. You’ll get there in the end. So will I! I hope. 🙂

      • Gayel

        When I get back home I will do just that!!

  • stinkb0mb

    i’ve had a wordpress blog in the past and while it was alright because i’m not overly brainy in the design aspect of things and reading code, i just found it hard to use and had no desire to learn how to use it.

    i’m putting the finishing touches on my new blog and have decided to stick with blogger, i can use it and it’s fitting perfectly with the rustic/semi finished look i’m wanting my new blog to have.

    when people talk of the whole blogger vs wordpress topic, i just think – use what feels right for YOU, not what anyone else is using or thinks about what blogging platform you’re either using or should be using. if wordpress suits your needs better then use it, if blogger does, then use that!


    • This is it exactly. Different blogs suit different things. My blog, could easily have lived its whole life at one or the other.

  • Lucy

    Blogger has never pissed me off enough to move. I do not want to bite the hand that feeds me. BUT, I am an old stick in the mud who resists change – you redesigned my blog – and as you recall, I wanted it to stay the same, LOL!

    That said, I WISH WISH WISH Blogger would sort out some form of decent commenting system…


    • stinkb0mb

      i must admit, the commenting system on blogger and the inability to reply directly to individual comments was THE only reason why i thought about moving to wordpress but since blogger has introduced that feature, it’s brilliant 🙂

      • So true. The comment reply thing is too much fun not to have it. I CAN’T WAIT to see your new blog, btw, I forgot to say that before.

    • Of course it hasn’t Mrs Blog of NOTE! I wuldn’t have moved it Google didn’t shut mine down on me. Simple as that. I never had any intention of moving. I, after all, WANTED that blog of note title. 😉

      Do you have the new embedded comments? Should I log in and activate them for you?

  • Amy

    Interesting. Our church blog is run through WordPress and I still don’t know what I’m doing half the time. I love Bloggers’ simplicity, but I also love the extra things you seem to be able to do in WordPress 🙂

  • As someone who designed html websites, and livejournal layouts, then decided to start a blog, I find wordpress the easier option to design for. I find trying to code blogger layout super frustrating! It’s amazing how those things work! Needless to say, i’ve always been Team WordPress. I love the design of your blog!

    • Thanks Nat, that means a lot. It’s nothing special but it suits me down to the ground.

  • I’m using WordPress too! I changed not long after you did, I remember watching you with great interest.

    Maybe this might help your background problem? http://wordpress.org/support/topic/how-to-change-wordpress-theme-background

    • Thank you for the link! The fabulous Carly {We Heart Life} sent me some de’structionsw via email. Just haven’t got around to giving it a go yet. I’ve bookmarked the page just in case.

      How did you go with your changeover?

  • Hi Melissa! I use wordpress and have been able to change my background image. I know you probs know this already but it has to do with the ‘theme’ that you choose. Some allow custom background images and some don’t. It took me aaaaages to figure it out but now that I’ve got it, it’s great. Widgets are my best friend because I have absolutely no idea about codes and whatever. I just redesigned my blog recently and, while the redesign was pretty simple (new font package, banner & background), I was able to get through it relatively easily in less than a day. I think you just have to persevere! Also, I LOVE your squiggly swirly black outline thing. Adorable! Ok longest comment in my blogging history over.

    • Thanks Sarah! The black and white theme suits me {for now. Haha}.

      I look forward to giving the background thing a go. I have some instructions and a post link or two. So, watch this space!