Today has been a pretty fun day. I look forward to Mondays and the community of the Aussie Curves ladies. Made even better by how you guys have really rallied behind it and supported it. Then I go to my Weight Watchers meeting and come home ready and raring to go for another week. I catch up with Hubby, eat some food, shower and pack my bag for the gym. Then I sit down and realised, hold on, my blog’s looking a little empty over there this evening… No post.


So I check my drafts and none of them seem quiet right. I flip through the photos on my phone looking for some inspiration. I rehash my day and wonder about the things in it that might make a post. Like taking house photos with my Mum, then having coffee. About burning my tongue yet again on hot soup. About the fact it’s been 10 days since my last work out and I’m feeling a flabtastic. None of it forms into a whole post.

Then I start to type and begin to see what unfolds. I read some posts and go to comment but stop. I have more to say then can be said in one comment form. I want to offer my opinion and my thoughts on everything. On outlooks and on gratitude and feeling good in life. I’m lucky I have a blog actually, otherwise I’d be a serial super commenter {You know the ones that take up half a page? Those!}. But the babbling kind. I have a place to make a difference. In a lot of ways I believe I do.

But is it enough? There’s always more that you can give of yourself, apparently. But I’m not sure I believe that. At some point your ability to give becomes diminished by the weight of what you have given if you feel obligated to do so, out of guilt or fear or even remorse. I believe gratitude is key. I believe that by living outside of ourselves and in the present that opportunities will be shown to us to be of service. I believe that this is what life is. To be in service. To others and to ourself.

See what I mean about the whole babbling thing?

Some night’s I find the white glow of the computer screen too much. There’s a pressure there to be a lot of things. Often those things don’t align themselves with each other. For me the constant downward pressure of the shoulds weigh on me and I lose focus of what it is that I am doing. Do you demand tear your heart out stuff from me, to lay my pain on the page. Or does it have my grace to carry to burdens with a genuine gratitude for what I have and a positive outlook. I don’t know. So I do what comes to me.

I say what comes to me to say.

I won’t be judged by the shoulds.

Should be more serious.

Less serious.

Should care more.

Share less.

Should do more.

Should accept less.

You have your challenges and your trials in life. I have certainly had mine. You deal with them in the way you see fit. Perhaps it’s made you dark and insular. Reaching for a way to make the time spent worthy of something. I find, I’m the opposite. When life challenges me I find strength in the hearts and hands of others. I find light in the service of others and rather than weigh me down with the responsibility, I accept it and it buoys me.

To you my attitude and outlook may seem frivolous.

But you don’t know.

We all have our challenges in life.

They aren’t confined to you.

I’ll do things my way, you do things yours.

I think we’ll find each other in the same place at the end.

{and it’s probably at the end of a late night blog post that started as one thing and ended up something completely different while an Australian actor slays some kind of beast on the television in a very Gladiator’esque way. We would have decided to be kinder to people. More generous. And of service to others.}

  • I would so love to sit around a campfire staring at the coals or laying back in a camp chair looking at the stars in the night sky, as awesome as they look when you are away from the lights, and just talk life and the universe (basically talk shit) with you Mel. HaHa It would be one of those conversations and cool nights that you look back on and smile about.
    You have a cool way of seeing things and looking at things, so feel free to babble at us when ever you please 🙂

    • Let’s do this thing! We love to camp and you’re always welcome to join us. Thanks Tony. Now that’s a compliment. 🙂

  • Oh Tony suggestion of a campfire sounds perfect.

    No wonder we’re blogging buddies, I can’t find any other way through my life and its challenges that I’ve been thrown, then to learn and grow from it. I refuse to succumb to the darkness of it and to be insular as you say. Just keep demanding whatever it is that works for you and no one else. Whatever works for you serves it’s purpose for you and is its truth to you in whatever form……funny, serious, light, dark. If you hold true to that, others will feel it, see it, appreciate it.

    I’m rambling now aren’t I? I’m one of those people aren’t I? Oh well I’ve always been one, so what! X

    • You’re welcome to come too!

      Thanks Trudie. I think that’s why you and I have always just clicked. Similar outlook and commitment. And the babbling, well it’s pretty darn similar too! Ha. 😉

  • This was an excellent post and reminded me of a lot of the ones I have started writing (yet never finished usually) – as far as leaving comments I have realized sometimes I am so interested in a topic I am commenting on that I end up writing a post and linking back to the original poster because I seriously just have too much to say and don’t want to fill up their comment forms. HA!

    • Haha. I have soooo done that before. I know if I’m rounding the corner into a third paragraph it’s time to go.