I’ve been going to the gym for a while now. I look smaller, more compact. People assume I have lost weight. I really haven’t. A kilo or two maybe. Tops. And after a lifetime of weighing and measuring and falling further and further behind the eight ball, it feels nice to be gaining ground. It’s nice to feel fitter, stronger and more balanced. Reliable and dedicated. It’s just nice.

And now it’s time to lose some weight. I’ve been looking into dedicated programs. Making some plans and pretty soon all will be revealed. There will be more of a focus on food, because let’s face it, there needs to be for weight loss. With a continuing dedication to the gym {and my gym buddies, hi Ac and Flick} and living sugar-free. I’ve been pretty slack withย sugar-free lately. Getting lazy with saying no. Saying yes too often. You know, that sort of thing.

I’ve taken a break and now it is time to knuckle down for a while. While keeping in mind that my value isn’t related to my weight. that my health is the most important thing. And mostly how good it feels to get lighter every time I step onto the treadmill. That stuff feels gooooood. Pressure and stress and angst. Doesn’t. So wish me luck.

More to come.

  • Constant forward motion, my friend. Run swiftly, you’ll get there.

  • Cbrain

    Good luck forming new habits.

  • Good luck!
    I’m pretty evangelical about the Michelle Bridges 12WBT program. I did it earlier this year and the difference in my body has been incredible – I feel like my whole shape has changed (starting with a whole heap of weight loss!)
    The nutrition program was naturally very low in sugar and salt, so it would fit in well with your sugar-free mission. And full disclosure: I followed the eating plan exactly, but ignored the exercise program in favour of my own running goals. If you did both together I’m sure it would be even more effective.
    There are lots of great programs out there, but this is one that I had no trouble sticking with. I’ve never once felt hungry, and I’m planning to eat this way long-term now because it makes me feel like a million bucks.
    I hope that you choose a plan of attack that’s just as empowering! x

    • Thanks Elizabeth! This is all fab information, have toyed around with the idea of the 12WBT program. Might have to take a closer look.

  • river

    I’m wishing you all kinds of luck. You are looking pretty good now. The firming up is noticeable. I’m not making any progress myself on the weight loss, everyone says exercise, but I’m rather too fond of being pain free. It’s not that I overdo things, (except at work), but I’m pretty stiff and inflexible. Exercising sees me straining muscles and joints all over the place. Walking is good, I can do that. And I will.

    • Thanks River. And you’re right, if it’s causing pain, perhaps all that’s needed is a light walk. You’ll know best. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Maxabella

    Go you!! x

  • Good luck! I am with you on the value not being about weight but about health. I think if we become too focused on the number, we forget what we are doing it for and given that weight loss takes so long to kick in, it can be demotivating. However, knowing we are doing it to be healthy and fit can definitely help motivate us and then the actual weight loss is an added bonus. I am impressed at you going even in winter…I’ve slacked off big time since June as I go in the mornings at 6. Hoping to rejoin around August (or latest September!) and thanks to the cold weather, my eating too has gone out of whack!

    • I actually seem to do better in Winter. But I’m a weirdo like that. Summer I’d much rather be home having a drink. Haha

      Good luck getting back on the horse!

  • whiningattheworld

    Looking good. Well done to you (and the gym buddies, too)

  • Lauren

    I’m a big advocate that whatever you’re comfortable with, is what you should do (as long as it’s healthy…) so I feel weird suggesting it.. But I’m on WW at the moment. And I love it. 7 kilo’s so far that I know aren’t coming back. A really supportive, non-judgemental community that allows you go to at your own pace. Plus you get real food, still get treats, and have the ability to allow for those events that can’t be avoided (birthday’s etc). I would strongly suggest a looksie if you’re so inclined. Regardless, you’re doing wonderful. Your perseverance is inspiring Melissa! xx

    • Thanks for sharing Lauren, actually WW is one of the programs I’ve been looking into. Glad to hear all that wonderful stuff. Makes me keen to look into it more.

      Thank you. When you’re losing 40kg, you need perseverance, I think. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Lauren

        I’m losing 30kg. Which seems like a mountain. But not putting a time constraint on my self is like, the best thing ever. I’ll get there and you will too!!! x

        • Absolutely. My friend Zoe who is a tiny person had 20kg to loose after her kids were born. She took almost 2 years to take the weight off and that is my inspiration.