Around here we don’t play well with others. We especially don’t share too well. I just don’t like other people touching my STUFF is commonly heard. It’s a movie quote, I think, but I’ve claimed it as my own. I think it comes from being an eldest child watching my much-loved collection of china dolls be destroyed by a much too hands on baby sister. Or maybe from too much time with no one to share with. Whatever it was, this happened.

Hubby has taken a liking to the iPad. He loves it more than the original flirtation with angry birds {hussy}. He loves it so much that often it can be found with low battery, slipped securely in the side of the couch between the arm rest and the cushion. I have been kind of zen about it, picking it back up, charging it and not even loosing my head when I get to a cafe to work and it’s flat. I would say sweetly, honey charge it. Baby, don’t shove it down the side of the couch. Babykins, where the feck is it!! {Because I am nothing if not cutesy with my pet names}

But last night I HAD to say something. Head down, butt up searching the insides of the couch for the smart case that had come unattached. Concerned for my freshly painted nails. Teeth clenched against the narky words of narkiness. Then Hubby decided to do his little ha ha my account has cash in it and you spent all yours dance {true}. Well perhaps, I said, you should use some of that cash to buy your own damn iPad. I scowled my lip and raised an unruly eyebrow {because they are more terrifying, you see}. He said it wasn’t really a priority for him at the moment.




Well leave mine the hell alone. I said. Continuing with the arched unruly eyebrow’ness. I dare you. Then I flounced off for a bath. No worries he called out behind me. Not a priority. As I write this it is less than 4 hours later and I can see it back where I fished it from. It’s tucked into the side of the couch. Smart case slipping off. Less than 4 hours people. And it would’ve been sooner but I took the iPad into the bathroom with me to watch ABC iView in the bath. So he held out for like 20 minutes.

Not a priority my ass.

  • Haha! I’m not super good at sharing either, but with stuff like that we can manage a general “i use it in the day, you use it at night” sort of deal! or a one week on, one week off arrangement!!

    • Geeez, you’re a much better sharer than I am. One week off would send me around the bend. Haha.

  • You guys are all sorts of funny. Are you sure you and Kel weren’t separated at birth from Ben and I?Oh how we have had these types of discussions over the years lol.

    • We do our best. 😉 Sometimes I wonder if other people are like this, I’m glad to hear they are. Haha.

  • Kevi Horn go out and buy your own iPad and stop touching Suger’s stuff!!

  • Haha! This sounds EXACTLY like my husband Ben and I!! I am forever looking for my iPad, it’s usually down the side of the couch or hidden under our bed after many hours on angry birds or you tube. He’s the opposite when it comes to charging – he’s like the percentage police!

  • river

    I say strap it to your body 24/7 until he buys his own shiny brand new one, then claim the new one as your own. You know, since he’s already so used to the old one and all.
    I’m not good at sharing either. Too much time living alone, saving every cent necessary to buy what I have. It’s mine, don’t touch it!

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