• Laura a.k.a rah

    Who needs a story when you've already posted the planking pic??? #lolzxx

  • Kakka

    lol – planking? Or face down having a power nap before heading back to the dance floor? Can't wait for the rest. xxx

  • Mr_Gadget

    Planking because of Blogopolis! 🙂

  • This should be interesting ;]

  • OMG! This really IS a tease. I want the backstory. 🙂

  • Haha. Ooooo. I am a post promoting genius, apparently. HA. :PI promise to write it tomorrow. Dish ALL the dirt. See you then.

  • Things must have got messy if you ended up planking…..

  • River

    Planking? Isn't that last month's fad? We'll have to call this one a Nap Attack.

  • Uh huh! 😀

  • Sure is River, but I never claimed to be an early adopter!! 😀

  • Zoe

    hehe! Love this photo!