Get your gear together:

half cup coconut cream

5 tb spoons oil {peanut or sunflower}

chilli {as much as you want}

fish sauce {1 teaspoon}

coriander {roughly chopped, about 2 table spoon}

lime juice {1 lime’s worth}

garlic {1 teaspoon or 2 cloves}

turmeric {1 teaspoon}

coriander seeds {1 teaspoon – fried off or if your busy, powder}

salt {a pinch or two}

dextrose {to even the flavour – non-sugar free’ers can just use palm sugar}

Now cook {well, mix}

Chuck all this together. I usually use something like a Tupperware quick shake to mix it. I have made seriously large batches of dressing in my Thermomix. But that’s just showing off. Haha. Once combined you may need to add some water to the mix to thin it out depending on the consistency of your coconut cream. Don’t use coconut milk, it’s not as fun.

Taste it when it’s all mixed together. If you need to add some salty, or sweet or sour as required to balance it out and hey presto. Best dressing ever. Goes with everything. It goes particularly well with a mango, chicken and pine nut salad. Or over a rough cut coleslaw. Mmmm. Off to make a new batch for myself now actually. I ate the last of my stash for lunch.

Yeah, yeah. You can thank me later.

  • Sarah

    I want to thank you now and I haven’t even made it yet!

  • Jos

    I know what I am having for dinner one night next week!! Yum, yum!!

  • Kristen @ {Me vs Myself}

    I’ll just thank you now if that’s cool? 😉
    That’s sounds delicious!

  • Kristen @ {Me vs Myself}

    *That :-/

  • Forget the dressing*, just hand me the salad, which looks yummy enough on its own.

    * chilli, which causes my face to burn from the inside out
    *coriander which I don’t like
    *fish sauce, what do I do with the rest of the bottle?
    I always end up throwing it out because nothing I cook uses it.

    I wonder if I can come up with something else that begins with coconut cream? Maybe pureed mango or rockmelon……..

    • Oh come ON! This dressing is awesome. It obviously isn’t to your taste, but it IS good. Would I lie to you..!? 😛

      Maybe no chilli for you.
      I LOVE coriander, sorry dude
      Fish sauce, make more curries! {and keep it in the fridge, it lasts longer}

      Oooo. Mint, I wish I had thought of using mint. Mmmm, next time.

  • ……little splosh of lime juice……

  • ….oooh! maybe finely chopped mint leaves.
    Not too many though, just a sprinkle.

  • Gorgeous dressing, Melissa!!
    I’ve been looking for more non-curry uses for my fresh tumeric…now I gots one 🙂

    Fish sauce lasts forever. It just gets darker and stronger.

    There are two types of people in this world – those that love coriander and those that loathe coriander.
    If you dont like coriander, use basil…Thai basil to keep it authentic 🙂
    Oh yes, mint would be cool too

    Chilli – you can get no heat chillies if it’s the heat that bother’s you. If it’s an allergy you’re stuffed.

    If you dont have palm sugar, use brown sugar.

    • Thanks for all of that AnkeB. A food blogger I am not. Haha. Mmmmm. Basil. Another favourite flavour of mine.

  • @AnkeB; Thai basil—–I’d forgotten about that. chilli, yep it’s an allergy. I can eat small amounts, but my face will burn red and feel swollen from the inside, for about 4 days.